There are some anime that are very popular in the community but for some reason you do not feel the same about them. I’ve heard many anime fans say they did not care for Naruto, Sword Art Online, Attack on Titan and even Tokyo Ghoul. They just do not have the same enthusiasm as the community.



Lucy Heartfilia is determined to join the infamous Fairy Tail Guild. During a adventurous rescue, she encounters Natsu who is a member of the Guild and offers her a place to join. Once she joins the guild her life becomes a big and wild adventure.


Now don’t get me wrong here. I do like the main characters Natsu, Lucy, Gray and even Ezra. It’s the story and the adventures that I just cannot get into. Every episode was go handle this mission, encounter bad guy, use magic and then win the fight. It became to repetitive for me. If the story probably had a different format or the 4 main characters were in a different series I would def watch them. I do like them but not their adventure. Also, there was no really bad guy. I mean of course they had enemies but no real crazy bad guy that captured my interest.



After learning her school Otonokizaka Academy is scheduled to close due to low applicants, Honoka Kōsaka is determined to try and keep it open. She visits her little sister’s school UTX and sees a crowd watching an A-Rise Music video. Honoka realizes that school idols are very popular. Her and friends at Otonokizaka Academy decide to create a group to attract new students. They become successful and help prevent the school from closing. Due to their new success the girls decide to aim higher and participate in the Love Live, the ultimate school idol competition that features the best groups in the country.


I just cannot like this anime. I find the girls to be annoying and too happy for me. The goodie goodie let’s sing a damn song every minute was unbearable. When I was in Tokyo there were so many posters of this show and the characters. Even All the game machines I played in Akihabara majority of their prizes were these girls. They were everywhere. The songs in the show were cute but nothing to go and download. Ughh just can’t like this anime. I’ve watched the series and was dying while watching it. Hahaha but I do think the girls are adorable looking.


I have to say these two are the main anime that are really popular that I do not find amazing. The other anime that are amazing I pretty much agree with. Hahah

Which popular anime do you not find amazing?





  1. There are definitely quite a bunch! Fairy Tail would certainly make it really high on the list for me. An action anime with a lot of potential until it decided to just be another fanservice show. I never cared for Attack on Titan either and I don’t think Cowboy Bebop is good. Above all else though, FLCL is a popular anime that I consider to be one of the worst. The animation alone brought that show off to a bad start for me

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  2. Wow! Just starting this particular blog off with two of my all time fav anime as being slighted as not favorable… well I guess every one to their own tastes… You like what you like…. I just always find it interesting when those of the respected Anime community dislike such greats as Naruto, Fairy Tail, Love Live esp. SAO… but anyway… if I was to say there was a particular series I couldn’t stand… more specifically genre of anime I wasn’t into… it would Mecha ones… though I have become fond of recent ones… Voltron is not Mecha but I’m talking about the specific Mecha one’s like Gundam…

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  3. As far I know, I think Digimon would be my pick. I tried to get into it as a kid because it was like Pokemon but I gave up on it and stuck with Pokemon. Also depending on Gundam series, I didn’t really care about Gundam Re:Unicorn. I like Iron Blooded Orphans but no so much on Unicorn.

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  4. I have to say I don’t like Naruto very much. It was pretty good at first, but then it got so boring… one single battle took multiple episodes, and the characters did the same thing over and over. I finally just stopped watching after a while.

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  5. I usually get some stick for this, but Gurren Lagann. I couldn’t finish it. For me, the characters ranged from boring to annoying, and the episodes were far too inconsistent to get into. Oh, and what was up with Yoko’s outfit? What kind of weather means that it’s hot enough for a bikini and cold enough for a scarf at the same time? I can only assume that there was a single, continuous, gust of wind that blew through at precisely Yoko’s neck level, thusly rendering her throat chilly.

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  6. Cowboy Bebop was probably the one that most disappointed me. It comes up on almost every must watch list and yet I was kind of bored by it. But also pretty much any idol anime or cute girls doing cute things. The vast majority of these don’t work for me even though some of them become very popular.

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  7. I don’t really hate anything. They all have their charming points but only some can retain that charm.

    A lot of these ‘popular’ shows just cannot so I quietly move away like a sensible person. Someone else is going to rant in my place anyway Haha!

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  8. Fairy Tail could use better “bad guys” there are only a couple story arcs I thought were really good. There are a lot in that genre that I just can’t get into. I think sometimes you have to “grow up with it” to like it.

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  9. Wow, I can’t even begin to fathom the amount of popular anime which I hate, As like you I hate love life and find fairy tail a mediocre anime but good for passing time. Other anime includes but not limited to.

    Code Geass.
    Perfect Blue and every Satoshi Kon movie ever made.
    Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai
    Yuri On Ice (I hate it with passion and I know you love it)
    Guilty Crown
    Akame ga Kill!
    Boku dake ga Inai Machi (Do not hate it but find disappointing)
    K-On! (I love it but I hate it at the same time)
    Golden Time
    Sword art Online
    Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Don’t hate it but do not like it either)
    Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2
    Death Parade
    Toradora! (Hate and love relationship)
    Accel World
    Steins; Gate
    One Piece (Don’t hate but find it unappealing)

    And many many more.

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