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So we are pretty much ready for Season 3 of Attack on Titan. The studio is slowing leaking visual designs. Here is one of the first ones with Levi facing off againstย Kenny.

I am getting hyped. I am ready for July to be here. I really hope season 3 doesnโ€™t disappoint and there will be at least 25 episodes. I was a bit upset season 2 only had 12 episodes. Like WTF. I waited years for Season 2 to only have 12ย episodes.

But anyways Iโ€™m ready for Season 3. Are you ready?




    1. There’s been a theory that they will be including seventeen episodes. Why? Based on how far Season one went (Chapters 1-34 aka 37 episodes) and Season two went (Chapters 35-50 aka twelve episodes.), we can conclude that they may include fifteen-ish more chapters/ thirteen or so episodes or thirty-ish more chapters/ 33 or so episodes. Thus, there will be over twelve episodes. Seventeen is a number that is not far too into the middle of twelve and thirty. Also, considering the fact that it’s only a year of development for the shows.

      Just a theory. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. there’s also the added fact that the voice actor for mr Hannes will also return, which my be for a flashback scene that takes place later in the manga, so maybe it will be more than 12 or 15


      1. Heh. The premise sounded bad to me, and the sheer amount of love it was getting kinda put me off as I’ve had mixed luck when it comes to watching stuff simply because it’s popular. I caught an AMV by accident though and dove into season one. Now, i’m definitely a fan ๐Ÿ™‚

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