Many anime watchers usually have an anime or some anime that are their guilty pleasures.

Let’s start with the definition of guilty pleasure;

Guilty Pleasure: something, such as movie, television program, or piece of music, that one enjoys despite feeling that it is not generally held in high regard.

Now the anime I have on my list are definitely not held in high regards. There are only three which are Vampire Knight, Amnesia and Karneval. The thing they all have in common for me and why I watched them was because they had some hot guys. I fan girl through the whole series of each show. 😳😳😳



Yūki’s earliest memory was of being attacked by a rogue vampire on a stormy night then being rescued by Kaname Koran, a pureblood vampire. Now 10 years later, she attends Cross Academy and is known as the headmasters daughter. She is in chargeof the vampire race at the school which are lead by her crush Kaname. She is helped by her childhood friend Zero Kiryu who hates the vampire race because they took everything away from him that he loved. Throughout this series we see the co-existence of vampires and humans crumble and Yūki trying to recover her past.


Well I will start with Vampire Knight, Kaname and Zero were super hot! I fan girl through the whole series over them. The storyline wasn’t bad at all. I actually think it’s a good story. I do have to admit that Yuki was so annoying. They could have killed her and the series would have been 100% better. But I also do love vampires. I wish I can be a vampire.




On August 1st, Heroine wakes up to find she has lost her memories before that day. A fairy named Orion appears in front of her and tells her that their spirits collided in between worlds which caused her amnesia. He offered to help her regain her memories. Heroine begins to travel in between different worlds and meets different male characters throughout the series.


Honestly, the story was horrible. A girl who has amnesia and she jumps in between worlds to one hot guy to another hot guy. I mean awful. But the men were so cute. I love the clothing they put on them. Again, fan girl through the whole series. But def not worth a watch unless you want to see hot men. Hahah



The story follows Nai who is in search of someone that is important to him but the only clue he has is a bracelet. One day at a strange mansion Nai meets Gareki who is a small time pick pocket thief. They escape the mansion and become wanted criminals by the military security operatives. When they think they have no where to run and in need of desperate help the country’s most powerful defense organization “Circus” swoops in and saves them. We begin this journey with them on the run with the circus.


This series’s story is not the best at all. I mean it kind of was pointless. But the men were hot! Also, the colors of this anime were amazing. So colorful and so pretty to watch. I wanted to be in the anime because I wanted to join the circus as well. Sometimes I can’t help it with hot men haha.

So, these are my shows and I’m kind of embarrassed hahah. Which shows are your guilty pleasure?

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  1. Kampfer. Male lead is sad, the big plot reveal later makes no sense, the plushies did not amuse me but the ladies are all delightfully silly and nice to look at. Also the yuri was pleasant.

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      1. Yeah when I first saw the series in YouTube (back in the day where most people used YouTube to stream anime lol) I saw a lot of fanservice. Seriously, what’s up with short skirts. 😂

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  2. There are probably several of them for me by now. I can think of They are My Noble Masters, The Comic Artist and His Assistants, Demon King Daimao, and Lost Universe: the first three because they’re ecchi and the last because of the horrible animation–especially the CG. But, the first two are hilarious and the last two tell pretty good stories.

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  3. Dragon Ball GT for sure. It’s known as the black sheep of the DB franchise but I had a lot of fun with it and would watch the show again. It has its flaws but still kept me entertained for each episode.

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  4. My guilty pleasure is reverse harem animes with hot guys. Yeah, I know, I’m shameless. I watched AMNESIA, and I didn’t mind it. It probably helped that I played the game first, so the anime didn’t bother me too much. The MC wasn’t designed to be her own character since the player was supposed to be controlling her and making the selections.

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  5. Guilty pleasures, hu? Mine definitely consists of Vampire Knight, as it seems it does for a lot of people. And… *sweats* Diabolik Lovers, just the first season. Objectively it was bad, but something about it turned it into a guilty pleasure for me, lol.

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  6. I had to think a bit but there are two shows that come to mind. The first was Blood C. Pretty much a disaster storywise, truly brutal and over the top gore…but because of the main character I still very much enjoyed it.
    The second is the more recent King’s Game. The very definition of a truly disgusting and bad show…..but I have no idea why ended up liking it anyway. Can’t explain it, just one of those things I guess 😂😂

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