Well the year is closing out and so is the Fall season as well. Below are my final thoughts on this season. Too be honest I have dropped more anime this season than any other season, but I have liked a lot this season than not liked. Also, the some anime I originally liked has changed and anime I didn’t like has changed. I don’t know how I had the time to watch all this!


Anime: Inuyashiki Genre: Psychological, Action, Science Fiction, Thriller


Ichiro Inuyashiki a 58 year old man who looks must older has a sad life. He is not respected by his family and others look at him as a pathetic man. Not only that, but his doctor reveals to him that he has cancer and doesn’t have long to live. One night while going for a walk with his new dog he found he ends up on a hill and sees a teen boy standing there alone. A random bright light appears from the sky and then he wakes up in his bed. He has no idea what happened but his life begins to change. He no longer has cancer and now his body feels younger than ever. Realizing his body is different and now is robotic he decides to become a hero and save people. Little does he know there is another out there like him but is opposite and is a villain.


I don’t know how to put this. But this is one of my favorite anime I have watched this year. This series had me cry, had me on the edge of my seat and happy. The two main characters Inuyashiki and Hiro are two characters I will always remember and add to my favorite characters list. Inuyashiki the hero who was an old looking man was a genuine person. He wanted to help everyone. The new powers he had he wanted to use for good. As for Hiro, he was the Villain, with his new powers he became a Villain. He wanted to feel alive since he was a machine and killing people made him feel alive. I loved him as a Villain because there hasn’t been a devious Villain like him in a long time. The storyline was so original I needed something different. The pace of the show was perfect. No boring parts at all. This show had so much context to satisfy a lot of viewers. Definitely my fav anime of the season.

Anime: Food Wars- Third Plate Genre: Ecchi, School, Shonen


Food wars follows a boy named Sōma Yukihira who grew up in his father, Jōichiro Yukihira’s restaurant. His father taught him all about cooking and they would compete against each other in cooking battles. Every time Sōma would lose. Hahah One day Sōma’s father receives a job to cook abroad and around the world. So he closes shop and then enrolls Sōma in to an elite culinary school where only 10% of students manage to graduate. Here at this school Sōma meets many student who are all skilled at cooking. Many of them each specializing in something specific for cooking such a meat, curry, Italian cuisine and etc. While in the school the kids are faced with many cooking challenges and battles as well. You witness Sōma developing as a chef and reaching his goal of becoming better than his father one day.


I always liked Food Wars. Yukihira is always an awesome character and chef. The food always looks delicious and amazing. I still get hungry watching this. I really wish I could cook. They introduced some new characters in this season and it was pretty cool. My favorite is Erina’s dad. He is a pretty good villain. I do have to say the beginning of the series was kind of blah. It wasn’t that fun or cool. But it def gets better when Erina’s father arrives and changes everything around at the school. So it’s def worth a watch. Still a fan of this series.

Anime: Garo Vanishing Line Genre: Action Fantasy, Science, Fiction, Demon


In Russell City, there is a plot that is beginning to prosper and can eventually cause a major problem. The first to hear about this plot is a man named Sword who fights in the Shadow Wars. He lost his little sister and the only clue he has is the word El Dorado. A girl named Sophie lost her older brother and is in need of help. Her only clue is the Word El Dorado as well which was left on his laptop. She runs into Sword and asks for his help during this Shadow war. Sword decides to help since they both have the same clue to find their loved ones.


I really like this series. I found 2 new anime characters I can add to my favorite character list, Sword and Gina. Sword is such a cool, manly and funny guy. You can’t help but like his character. His fight scenes are always so cool. Gina is a sexy, strong and kick ass chick. I love everything about her. She can whoop some horrors ass when she needs too and doesn’t need a man’s help. This series is pretty awesome, the story is really good, the pace of the show is great, and it’s very entertaining.

Anime: Juni Taisen: Zodiac War Genre: Action, Fantasy


A group of warriors which names are derived from the 12 Chinese Zodiac are sought together for the 12th Zodiac tournament to fight to the death. In a city that has been clear of half a million people these warriors battle it out. They each swallow a poisonous gem that the winner must collect all to be granted one wish they desire.


This anime, my sister, my niece and I were hooked on. The characters in this anime were all so unique and pretty cool. I wish (small spoiler) many of them didn’t die. The fights were awesome. I liked that the characters were based off the Chinese zodiac. The pace of the series was really good. A lot of action. The storyline was really good. It does remind me a bit of Fate Zero. Also, with the storyline When they went back in time to explain some of the characters past it did not take away from the show. It was placed perfectly. The only thing that upset me with this anime was the last episode. I won’t spoil it but besides that I really did like this anime.

Anime: The Magus Bride Genre: Fantasy, Supernatural, Mystery


15 year old Chise Hatori left without any family and hope is bought for money by a non-human entity that is a sorcerer named Elias.
She begins a new life with him to one day become his wife. He teaches her how to use her magic and she begins to live a somewhat peaceful life. Though there are a few mishaps throughout her time with Elias.


This anime caught me by surprise. I wasn’t watching it when it came out. But I decided to give it a try. I love it! The fairytail and fantasy genre was so fun for me. I loved the whole storyline. The characters were amazing. Chise wasn’t an annoying girl. Elias was pretty cool. The supporting characters were all interesting and memorable. I do not like magic anime but this one was settled and really good. I loved all the adventures they went on I wish I could go there too. Really happy I watched it.


Anime: Evil or Live Genre: Psychological, School


There is a new disease that is sweeping amongst young boys and girls which is called “Net Addiction”. It’s making young boys and girls grow more attached to the internet and avoid social and family life. Due to these drastic conditions spreading these young boys and girls are put into a rehabilitation center that is more like a prison. Hikibi our main Character has no idea what he has been enrolled into. Will he survive?


I did like this anime because you usually like to root for the under dog. This one the underdog starts to rise up and you are on his side the whole time. I like when a weak character becomes tough and doesn’t take shit. Hikibi is a character that you see change from beginning to end. The supporting characters are not that interesting but they do have something special that is diff than other shows. The pace of the series is really good. It doesn’t get boring at any point. I say worth a watch.

Anime: Code Realize Gurdian of Rebirth Genre: Adventure, Romance, Fantasy, Josei


Cardia lived in a abandoned mansion to follow her father’s wishes. Her body carries a poison that anything which touches her skin will melt and due to this the townspeople called her “Monster”. Her father told her to stay away from people and to never fall in love. One day her father disappears with no explanation. Cardia’s life is interrupted when the Royal Guards break in to capture her to use for their own purpose. But she is saved by Lupin a sophisticated thief and go on an adventure with him to locate her father.


This one is definitely an anime for females because almost every male character is hot! Haha but the storyline wasn’t bad at all. I have to say it was entertaining. Towards the middle/end it did get a bit slow but the it picks back up. The main characters were pretty interesting and their character build up was pretty on point.

Anime: Black Clover Genre: Shonen, Magic, Fantasy


Asta and Yuno are both raised as orphans in a small town outside of Clover Kingdom.
Asta dreams to become Wizard King but one problem… he wasn’t born with magic powers. He trains intensively his physical powers. Yuno has magic powers and is considered a prodigy with his powers. He dreams of becoming the Wizard King as well. Now at 15 they are both granted the opportunity to apply to become Wizards known at the Magic Knights. The show takes on us their journey of becoming the Wizard King.


At first I found this anime to be annoying because Asta the main character screamed way too much for me. But this show is your typical Shounen and it’s hard to hate. It’s actually entertaining. The plot is no different than other Shounen but it can be funny. The supporting characters are pretty funny and entertaining. The story makes since and it’s flows really well. I’m not into magic anime but I do like this one. I say this is worth a watch.


Anime: Kino’s Journey: The Beautiful World Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction


Kino decides to go on an adventure to explore the many countries that are out there. All kino has are guns to protect her throughout this journey with her moped. On this journey we see different counties people, rules Andersen about their stories. Some good and some bad. Kino’s rule is to stay no longer than 3 days. She sticks to that so she can explore as many countries out there.


This was kind of disappointing, I liked this series in the beginning. I thought it was cool that Kino was a tough girl even though she looked like a little boy. But the adventures she went on was kind of pointless. I feel like she had no goal in mind for visiting these countries. Was she looking to live at one or what? Some episodes were interesting but a lot were boring. The last episode was awful. But I won’t spoil anything.


Anime: Sengoku Night Blood Genre: Historical, Romance, Fantasy


Yuzuki is a normal teen until one day she begins to see a mysterious light coming from her cell phone. The light transports her to an unfamiliar world.
This world is called Shinga and is inhabited by Vampires and Werewolves. It once use to be a prosperous and peaceful town. They need Yuzuki to bring back peace and prosperity. She has special blood that possesses strength, healing and can awaken Jingazoku’s which is one of the strongest vampire’s powers. She is due to rule the world and we watch her journey through this romance and war story.


This I dropped after episode 3. It was boring, it was a bootleg version of Diabolik Lovers. I like vampires but the use of vampires in this show was so bad.

Anime: Taisho Mebiusline Chicchai San Genre: Historial, Shonen


During the time Imperial Japan is about to go to war with the world, Hiiragi Kyoichiro leaves his town to attend the university in the capital of Tokyo. He is hoping to get a great scholar’s education to become a great man in his hometown. But now the Japanese Army knows of his special ability he had since his youth of being able to see spirits of the dead. Now they are seeking him out.


Honestly, this show was so pointless and I thought it was a joke. It doesn’t seem like it should be real. So I stopped after episode 5.

Anime: King’s Game Genre: Mystery, Horror, Supernatural, Drama, School


Due to an incident at his previous High school Kanazawa Nobuaki transfers to another high school that is far away. Kanazawa is reluctant to get close to his classmates and keeps his distance. He doesn’t want to get them involved in the “Death Game” that caused havoc at his other school. Unfortunately, during sports day his classmates are super friendly to him and they become close. Kanazawa receives a text that begins the “Death Game”.


I dropped this on episode 2. The story at first seemed like it will be pretty interesting. Then the show started and the text messages they were receiving with the orders they had to do was pretty stupid. It was another way to makes teenagers do sexual stuff. I was over it.

Anime: Dies Irae Genre: Action, Super power, Magic


High school Student Ren Fujii recently had a fight with his best friend which lead to their friendship ending. His childhood friend Kasumi and another student Rea help him return to a normal life in school.

Around town there has been a slew of Brutal murders where the victims are decapitated. Around the same time Ren brings to have horrifying nightmares. But there is more in store for Ren as he will face many enemies that are trying to bring his past powers out of him.


This anime started off kind of okay. I liked the back story of the Villain. Then they come to present time with Ren and his friends and I got so confused. I was doing okay but until episode 6 I was lost. Things were getting confusing. Also, I started to lose interest. I couldn’t hold on for another 6 episodes.

So, those are my thoughts. What are your thoughts on some of the shows this season?

22 thoughts on “FALL 2017 ANIME – FINAL THOUGHTS

  1. I am a much bigger fan than you are of Kino. I agree, a couple of the eps were not as interesting. There is a kind of vague arc but it didn’t look like they did enough eps to complete it.

    The show isn’t about Kino, it is about the world and how people create different societies. She’s just an observer, a neutral reporter really. There are 3 earlier episodes that explain a lot about her but they are very difficult to find.

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  2. I am pretty new to manga and anime but I have started to love it just as much as I love everything else. Your blog is pretty cool and I have followed to read more! Great post! These are going in my list to watch!

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