I know I’m always obsessing over anime and my blog is anime based. But I do watch other shows. I like to watch series because like anime they have a continuous storyline, character build-up and cliffhangers. So I do tend to binge watch series as well and I can totally get hooked. I guess I have a bingeing problem hahaha

Below are some of the series I watch.


Now I do watch cartoons, but not just any cartoon but fun or politically incorrect cartoons. Here are some I do watch.


Now trust me there are soooo many more shows I do watch but this post can not display all of them. But I do like other things besides anime.

So, please , tell me what you watch besides anime????


  1. My current obsession is Hannibal (yeah I know its old but I fall behind with live action shows) other shows I love include Law and Order (the earlier seasons of the original, SVU and Criminal Intent) The Good Doctor, Dr Phil (this one is a guilty pleasure for me) Dr Quin Medicine Woman and Bold and the Beautiful. Animation wise other than anime I love Mr Pickles, Steven Universe, My Little Pony, Daria and a lot of 90’s nicktoons from my childhood.

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  2. I think the only thing i follow apart from anime is Game of Thrones. It’s such a grand story, and the characters are awesome (I’m also a fan of the book)! Rarely, I watch Korean dramas as well. But I’ve come to find that I prefer animation to live-action stuff.

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  3. I wouldn’t even know where to begin… I watch shows from all around the world. American, British, French, Australian, Taiwanese, Japanese, Korean, etc. I watch them all. From the cheesiest of Kdramas to the hardest British Crime dramas, there is nothing I wont try. πŸ™‚

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  4. Well….all of the shows that you featured here, I watch as well (Not including the cartoons). The Americans is such a terrific series, and in my opinion highly underrated. Homeland is just plain awesome as well. Besides those, I also watch The Walking Dead, Arrow, The Flash, Chicago Fire/P.D, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Sons of Anarchy, American Horror Story, abd a bunch of K-dramas….and one has to wonder why I always have way too little time on my hands lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  5. I try a few series on Netflix but really these days I don’t watch a lot that isn’t anime due to very little time between work, anime, anime blogs and games. Most of the TV series I end up watching are ones from about a decade or so ago that I own on DVD and rewatch to relax.

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  6. what i watch aside from anime? oh boy there’s a lot:
    the Simpsons
    Bob’s burgers
    the Critic

    live action:
    Open all hours
    steptoe and son (though i haven’t seen much of it)
    Dad’s army (though i haven’t seen much of it)
    Harry hill’s TV burp
    the Dave Allen Show
    the Tommy Cooper show
    Russel Howard’s good news
    Doctor who

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  7. Game Of Thrones, Gotham, and certain superhero shows and movies that I can watch on the weekend. I write short stories that’s different from anything on TV.

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