It’s Tuesday and it’s time for Versus Tuesday. Today we have two characters who were very motivated and ambitious to prove people wrong that they can achieve a goal that seemed out of reach to them.

Shōyō Hinata from Haikyuu! VS Tetsuya Kuroko from Kuroko no Basuke.

Hinata wanted to be like his hero small giant who was short in stature but was a great player in a sport made for tall sportsmen. Hinata never gave up his dream of becoming the best. He wanted to be strong enough to spike balls past tall players. With the help from his partner Kageyama they were able to become a power duo. Hinata always had his drive and always set his goals on winning and becoming one of the best.

Kuroko was always invisible to many but that was his specialty. He can pass the ball to skillful players and assist them in scoring. He may have been a shadow but with his light Kagami they were able to achieve so much. He was the sixth man on the infamous “Generation of Miracles” who were a powerful Group. When they split Kuroko wanted to prove that his basketball was the most effective and can win a championship against the infamous players.

If I had to choose between the two hmmmm 🤔🤔🤔 even though Kuroko was very ambitious and never gave up but I think Hinata always put it in your face. You can’t ignore his determination to become the best. Also, I think it’s because he is loud. But I do like them both because they inspire people in real life to achieve their goals.

Who do you think was most ambitious????


  1. I like both boys and even if KbN is my favorite sport anime, I think Hinata is more ambitious than Kuroko, even if their goal are not totally the same.

    Kuroko main goal is to make realize the Generation of Miracles they were wrong thinking they could play basketball without playing as a team. Yes the guy are strong as individuals but they are stronger as a team. Is ambition stop at them. That’s why he said he would make Kagami the “#1 player in japan” to be able to beat the GoM. He is wasn’t to become himself the best player or win in big tournament. In was only to kick his former teammates ass.

    Hinata want to become one of the best player, he want to take on the best team to become the best player, he want to prove that despite his high he can become a great player. I think it take more ambition and determination to achieve Hinata’s goal than Kuroko.

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  2. I have to say that Hinata is more ambitious than Kuroko maybe because of his eyes and how he articulates it from the start. You can really see it from day one and that is what makes him really shine. I think Kuroko also shows determination in a different way, in a way introverts would do it. It is just not too obvious and not too flashy as Hinata.

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  3. I’ve only watched the first season of Kuroko but in terms of ambtion I would have to go with Hinata. he is far more active in pursuing his goal than Kuroko (maybe he’s just louder, but his goal and determination comes through much clearer).

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