It’s Tuesday and I hope this week goes by fast. Well today is Versus Tuesday. We have the demon weapons of the Meisters from DWMA.

Soul, Tsubaki and The Thompson Sisters (Liz and Patty) who is your favorite Demon Weapon??


Soul who is Maka’s partner and a deadly scythe is a pretty laid back weapon. He has a thirst for Kishin souls and is always ready to eat the next one. With him and Maka together they are one of the most powerful duos in the school. They have been though ups and downs but always come through and manage to get out of a crazy situation together.


A very timid character and yet a deadly weapon is partnered with the crazy Black Star. She can transform into different weapons. With her and Black Star together she can fight off their enemies with a lot of power. She is one of the nature characters our the group and is always watching over Black Star.


Partnered with their crazy OCD Meister Death the Kid these two are not so far off from his crazy personality. They both form into semi-automatic pistols. Liz and Patty are completely different while Liz is more mature and Patty is very bubbly and kind of naive they work really well together. Coming from a hard and rough background joining the DWMA has helped them hone their skills in shooting and attacking their enemies.

If I had to choose one demon weapon I would go with Soul. I liked him because his story was more in depth for me. I liked his relationship with Maka. Also, I would love to swing a scythe. As much as I love Death the kid I couldn’t choose The Thompson sisters and Tsubaki was kind of annoying and too timid for me.

Which Demon Weapon would you choose Soul, Tsubaki or The Thompson sisters???


  1. I can’t really judge on this as I haven’t seen this one, but reading your descriptions, I really like the one for Tsubaki, so I am going with her πŸ˜€ Transforming into different weapons is awesome 😊😊

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