Photo credit: Gatebox.com

Yeah, crazy title. Hahah please read then you will understand. πŸ€”πŸ€”

Gatebox which is a Japanese company that creates holographic characters for anyone that’s lonely just announced until December 7th, they will be providing marriage certificates for anyone that wants to marry any 2D character you please. They are providing 4 styles for the certificate.

Here is a link if you are interested hahah https://gateboxlab.com/tokoukyoku_marriage/#

Now this totally sounds crazy but there are really people out there that are in love with their 2D crushes. Now I have huge crushes on many anime guys.

Hmmm should I marry Kakashi, Sebastian, Shizuo, or Goku?? Hahah that would be hilarious. I tell my family “hey I got married guys”. I show them the certificate and its says the anime character’s name they would surely think I blew some circuits in my brain.

I really find this interesting. Who would you marry if you did do it?? (This is just a fun question)

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