Today is Tuesday and I am so happy it’s only a three day week. My 4 day weekend is coming up yay.

Today is versus Tuesday!!!! We have the Meisters from Soul Eater. Maka Albarn, Black Star and Death The kid. Which Meister do you like better?

They all three are very different and unique in their own way. All good fighters and all dedicated to winning for their team.

Maka who is very passionate about being the best Meister at DWMA. She really wants to collect 99 spirits and 1 witch soul so she can have the best and most powerful Death Sycthe. She wants to surpass her dad who she resents. Her relationship with soul is really genuine and amazing when it comes to fighting together. They overcome a lot of their opponents.

Black Star who is from an assassin family called the Star Clan sometimes can use his Assassins skill when he is fighting. But because he is an attention seeker he shouts when he is about to fight and makes his presence known instead of sneaking up on his enemy. He is a good fighter but not yet has mastered being great. With his partner Tsubaki who sometimes tries to calm Black Star down they do win many fights.

Death the kid who is one of the top 3 Eat Level Fighters has an OCD of everything must be symmetrical even though his hair isn’t. He is great at his skills with shooting his Thompson guns. He can over power any of his opponents. He may have a weak moment because something is not symmetrical but once his partners Liz and Patti knock some since into him he comes too and wins.

If I had to choose I would go with Death the Kid! Something about him just cracks me up and I love him for his weird OCD. But he is also a great fighter. Also I like that he shoots guns. They look cool when he is firing at his enemies. I kind of relate to him because I have an OCD with cleanliness. Haha Maka can sometimes be annoying. Black Star I just can’t stand.

Who is your favorite Meister?


  1. Nooooo, I gotta go with Blackstar on this one. He can definitely be annoying and all, but the dub voice sold me on his character and I like how he is one of the only characters to really fight hand to hand the whole time. I mean, he still has a weapon, but knows how to do hand to hand as well. All 3 are pretty solid though.

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  2. I’d vote for Death the Kid, but he’s too easy to trip up with his whole obsession with symmetry. So, in that case it has to be Maka. Not the strongest, but probably the most steadfast and determined of the group.

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