Anime NYC powered by Crunchyroll held its first ever convention in NYC’s Jacob Javitz Center. It was a three day event that was filled with many anime events, panels and exhibits. There was a lot of anime based events that was perfect for an Otaku.


Like many conventions, they had the exhibit floor where they were selling anime merchandise, autograph signings and of course the game floor for the gamers. There was also the artist gallery where many talented and creative artist showcase and sell their artwork. Here are some images of the exhibit floor and artist gallery.



Because it was their fist convention, the floor wasn’t as huge as many other a conventions I have attended. But it was enough for me to be happy with what was there.


There were many panels on Saturday from Sentai Filmworks Industry, Yen Press Industry, Fate/Grand Order Localization, LeSean Thomas and many more.

The main event for me was the Official Sailor Moon Panel. It was a 2 hour event and it was awesome.

First they had a special singer Yoko Ishida who has sung a few of the Sailor Moon songs open the show.

Then they had the whole English voice cast of Sailor Moon Super S and Crystal. This was a first time in a long time the whole cast was there. They were asked many fun questions by the host like “If you can give your character any advice what would it be?”, “what was your favorite scene from Sailor moon?” and “if you can create a team of 4 from any character who would your team consist of?”. That last question was funny because the actors didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feeling because they didn’t pick them.

One of my favorite parts of the panel was when they played a little game where the voice actors has to scream in their character’s voice their attack and then their partnered voice actor had to imitate them and sound just like them. It was pretty awesome because since they are voice actors they sounded just like the other actor.

During this panel they announced that its Sailor moon’s 20th anniversary. There will be a Manga Special coming out in January. It will be an all colored pages manga. Which is pretty awesome. It was an awesome panel. So happy I attended.

Another Panel or concert I should say I was sooooo happy I attended was Hatsune Miku: Miku Expo Japan Tour video Concert!! The room was dark and they played the Zepp, Tokyo Concert. It was so amazing to watch Miku Perform. She is amazing and her songs are always awesome. Some of my favorite parts of the show was the guest appearances of the other famous Vocaloids like Luka, Kaito, Rin and Len and also Meiko. They each performed their own songs and I was excited when Miku and Luka did a duet. Sooo freaking awesome. One last thing I will like to point out was the attendees in the room with their glow sticks performing the choreography for the lights. It felt like a real concert.

Many other panels I was not able to attend which I will like to point out was that they were all about brining characters of color into anime more. Break the stereotype of blacks or people of color. It was pretty awesome that there are people out there that are for this.


As always you have the cosplayers attending the convention with their awesome and cool costumes. Below are some of my favorite costumes.


One of my favorite parts of the convention was when I got to meet Soulcial Dream ENT, fellow WordPress members. They were all so awesome and so amazing to meet. We are always talking through WordPress and to meet in person was awesome. The funny thing we kind of met when we were going through bag check to go to the exhibit floor and they were complaining about getting their bag checked again and I turned and said I agree because it was so annoying. But we had no idea who each of us were at that moment. Then I went to the exhibit floor with my niece and decided to call Liz to finally meet up. when we finally met we realized we just met at bag check. Hahahah hilarious.


Later that day they had the Masquerade Ultra Deluxe event that was presented by Tokyo Otaku Mode. Here is where they had the cosplay competition. Thanks to Liz and her team for saving my niece and I some seats. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ It was hosted by Uncle Yo which Liz and Alice both warned me that he was horrible and uses the same jokes he used at other conventions. Which he proved them correct. Haha he was pretty corny. He isn’t like the host from Comic Con.

The competition was pretty cool. It was super cute and fun because the cosplayers were so creative and talented. Many of them had a skit they performed with their cosplay. What I did like as well was the competition allowed walk ins. They were just as talented as the cosplayers who preregistered. Below are some of the cosplayers and some skits.

When the judges had to go backstage to make their decision and the audience awaited their decision they had a game for the audience to participate in. They had charades and a dance competition. It was pretty okay. I did think the audience games was a bit too long and dragged out. I was getting kind of bored and tired. I think they could have cut it a bit short.

I didn’t get to see the winner because the convention was going way longer than I needed it to. I had to catch a train home so I unfortunately can’t tell you who won. πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

OVERALL Overall I did enjoy myself. I will have to say it wasn’t the best convention. I think they didn’t need the Jacob Javitz Center to host the event. They barely used up the space. They could have used many other places in the city because the event wasn’t nearly as big as Comic Con.

What I do have to complain about was the bag checks every time you enter a section of the convention. They should have checked all bags at the entrance of the Javitz Center and then we wouldn’t have been annoyed.

But I am happy there is a convention in NYC that is solely for anime. Happy I was able to attend.


  1. It was a pretty fun event. My fiance and I had VIP passes and we had backpacks with us on the first day we went so it was pretty tedious going from the vendors to artist ally since it required an additional check. I agree with you the Javits center was way too big for this con and it made everything really spread out but for a first year the organization was surprisingly good. Glad you had fun too.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. The Sailor Moon Panel for sure. The entire cast was so charismatic and it was a blast from start to finish. The vendors were great too, it was awesome seeing all the merchandise they had to offer.

        Liked by 1 person

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