Today is Tuesday and its Versus Tuesday!! Today we have Rin Okumura from Blue Exorcist and Yato from Noragami.

Who would win this fight????

Well they both have super entity powers. Rin is the son of Satan and Yato is the God of Calamity. Both are goofy and both can flip a switch and be bad asses.  Plus they both have a sword that has powers.

Rin was always there to help his brother Yukio from being bullied since they were kids. After his adopted father was killed by his real father Satan, Rin enrolls in Cross academy to become an exorcist so one day he can get revenge against Satan. Rin inherits a sword called Kurikara and when he opens it his appearance changes into a demon with blue flames. he becomes more powerful.

Yato wants to become a really popular God. He would leave his phone number anywhere for the people to call him for a deed to be done. Just so everyone can remember him. He is goofy and sneaky at the same time. But does care for his friends. When it comes to battles he can whoop some ass with his partner Yukine who is a Shinki that transforms into a silver Katana. We also find out in his past he was a ruthless killer and killed so many people.

Of I had to choose who would win, hmm I’ll probably go with Yato because he did have a past of being deadly. But then Rin could become posed by Datan and become super bad and kill. UGHH who knows. Hahah

Who do you think would win this fight Rin or Yato???


10 thoughts on “RIN VS YATO (VERSUS TUESDAY)

  1. This is definitely a close one. I think I’d go with Rin myself since Yato’s speed doesn’t seem amazing, but on the other hand I’ve only seen him in the manga and have yet to check out the anime. It’s possible that I’m lowballing him here a bit.

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  2. Yato – it’s Yato. He’s an actual god! Also he’s has a LOT more practice at this fighting thing. Anyways, it’s moot. In my world they’re friends and we all go out to dinner together…

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