Yeah, it’s still early in the week. Haha oh well. But today we have Versus Tuesday. One of my favorite rivalries. Izaya Orihara VS Shizuo Heiwajima both from Durarara. Who is your favorite from this group? 
Now this rivalry is super hilarious. They never liked each other from the beginning. Izaya can be in the street talking to someone and then randomly gets hit by a vending machine or a street pole. All due to Shizuo’s super human powers throwing these objects at him. I also love when Shizuo screams Izayaaaaaa. But Izaya can always get away from Shizuo unharmed and back to causing trouble for Shizuo. It’s a real cat and dog game. 
Izaya is an Information Broker that knows everything and anything of Ikebukuro. He is the one that turns the wheels in everyone’s storyline. He is very sneaky and super manipulative. He can play on any characters’ emotions and use it against them except Shizuo.  
Shizuo is a Tom Tanaka’s body guard. He is a handsome character and wears sunglasses and a bartender outfit. Even though we never see him at a bar. He smokes a cigarette all the time. He has super human strength and has real anger issues. He knows whenever anything bad/crazy happens in Ikebukuro it’s all due to Izaya. He is a reliable character when it comes to him standing up for his team. 
Now if I have to decide who I like better ughh that is extremely a hard one. I like them both so much. They are both my favorite characters from the show. But if I had to go with one I will go with Izaya because he is the reason all the plots/storylines happened in the first place.
Who do you like better Izaya or Shizuo??? 


  1. How can you make me choose?!?!? Idk!! XD this was actually one of my very activr ships when I was younger and I still love them. I love how Izaya is a manipulative bastard and how Shizuo is a soft teddy bear like LOL. And since you picked Izaya I think I’m going for Shizuo (tho I don’t think he’s ever beaten Izaya?? Lol I didn’t finish the anime)

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