So today on Nov 1st in Japan, I had a full blown Otaku day. I went to Akihibara and spent half my day there. I played so many games. Let’s just say SEGA has a lot of my money now. Hahah Then I went into every anime shop. I wanted to buy everything from the whole entire block of shops there. 

I went to the maid Cafe and it was super Kawaii. I wish I can work there.

The most special and amazing part of my day was getting to see the One Piece Kabuki Theater performance. 

First, let’s start with the audience. I thought I would see more younger (millennials) at the show but no, I saw way more older people than I expected. When I say old I mean grandparents age. There were also middle age and etc. I guess they just like the traditional Kabuki theatre.

Now the actors that portrayed the One Piece characters: 

The actor playing Luffy was super amazing. He was loud and extra just like Lufffy. He showed his love he has for his crew. His fighting skills on stage were on point. 

The actors portraying the crew were awesome, they each embraced their characters to a T. Only negative thing I may say is the way they portrayed Robin was a bit emotionless. I mean she is kind of mono tone but she has a bit of a personality and sexiness to her. The funny part about the characters is Nami and Robin are portrayed by men. In Kabuki all actors are portrayed by men. Then Chopper was a big stuffed animal and they used a cute voice over to say his lines. 

The other supporting characters were all amazing. You loved them just as much as you would the main Crew. Even though many of the characters were female based portrayed by men it didn’t seem like it too much. I thought it was pretty cool especially when the men have to change their voice to sound feminine. 

My favorite of the characters was the actor portraying Ace. He was so tough and omg so hot just like Ace. The special effects to show his fire was pretty cool. 

When it came to the fighting scenes it was so realistic and yet dramatic for on stage performance. It was cool to see the flipping and the flying in the air fights. 

Overall the actors performances were an A except Robin’s character. πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

Now the costumes, and make-up were so creative and colorful. The costumes they used for each individual character was thought out throughly. 

The bright colors of the costumes and the material used stood out to a T. 

The make-up was so extravagant just like a traditional Kabuki play. 

Next, the set design was great for each scene. They also had special effects to portray being at sea and on a pirate ship was perfect. I felt like we were in the locations we were supposed to be in.

The show was all in Japanese so I barely understood anything, but due to knowing the show and the actors great acting I was able to understand and follow the story. I’m glad I’m studying Japanese because I did understand some of it. But even if you do not understand Japanese you can still follow the story.
There were two scenes that really stood out to me: 

One was a fighting scene that was fought all in water. The overhead sprinklers drenched the stage like a waterfall. Legit a waterfall. The actors were fighting in the water and it looked Awesome!!! The audience in the first few rows had to have a plastic bag to cover themselves from getting wet. 

The next scene was the theme song that let the audience participate. Luffy was lifted up in the sky on a surfboard and sing with the audience while the rest of the characters ran through the audience dancing with us. It was so much fun. 

If I had to give any negative review besides the Robin Character acting weird, will say after meeting the Straw Hat Pirates they really don’t play a big role in the show. I do like seeing the interaction with Luffy and his crew. The brief time we get to see them through out was so much fun, but I wanted more.

They were bought back in towards the end when they board the Thousand Sunny to do their final Pose. 

Overall, I have to say I really enjoyed myself. It was an amazing experience and something I would recommend to all. 


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