My Trip in Japan So far!

Hello everyone,

Sorry I haven’t posted yet. Been kind of busy adjusting to the time difference here in Japan compared to NY. Well I’m loving my trip so far. I arrived to Tokyo Friday night. Had issues with my car that was supposed to pick me up. But finally everything was situated.

On Saturday I just walked around doing non-tourist stuff. Later that day I went to a Halloween Pub Brawl where people from all over the world meet up and go Bar and Club hopping. I’ve met a lot of new and fun people. The costumes were pretty cool. Below are some costumes.

Sunday I went to Osaka and couldn’t do too much because of the small typhoon they had. My friend from Osaka took me to the Umedo building where you can see all of Osaka. Then we headed to this underground eating area that is designed to look like old Japan. It felt so authentic. I felt like I was in the old times. After we ate she took  me to an under ground shopping mall. It’s huge and you would have never known there was a whole new world of shopping under ground. It was so awesome. I saw the boy band Permanent fish there. So hot 😍😍😍
Today or Monday for me here I went to Osaka Castle, then Osaka museum of history and then the shitenño-ji Buddhist temple. It’s amazing to see these temples and castles in the middle of a city.

Osaka Castle


Osaka Museum of Hitory 

Shitenño- Ji Buddhist Temple

I like Osaka because it isn’t as crazy as Tokyo but it still is a city life. The people here are pretty nice and they like Tokyo stay to themselves. Tonight I am back to Tokyo. Wasn’t able to make it Kyoto. ☹️ maybe my next trip to Japan.

I will keep you posted with more pictures when I can.

15 thoughts on “My Trip in Japan So far!

  1. Ooooooooooo…loved the photos and travelogue report!

    Been told Japan is the safest country in the world, so guess you don’t have to worry about the ever popular ‘sex harassment’ that is in the daily news. I hope to go to Japan one day to get some shots. (I keep buying lotto tickets!)

    Have fun!

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  2. Stephanie out here taking pictures of random strangers at monuments. Lol
    They still came out nice though.

    Ish Jet Lag is a pain. It took me like two days to adjust. Glad your having a nice time.

    Sending my best

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