Since last week I did rivalries. I wanted to see out of the rivalries who is your favorite person. Today we have Natsu Dragneel VS Gray Fullbuster both from Fairytail.

They both are awesome characters and contribute a lot to the fairytail guild.

Natsu has a big personality and can be kind of goofy. He can fight and uses fire better than a blow torch. I love that he can eat so much food as if his stomach is a vacuum. Haha

Gray is a cool character no pun intended. Haha he can also fight and uses his ice powers to destroy his enemies. He is hilarious when he always takes off his clothes for no real apparent reason. Haha

Out of the two who I like better I may say Natsu because I like his determination when he fights and I like he is hot headed as well. He is always there for his friends when they need him. Also, I like him and happy together.

Who do you like the best Natsu or Gray???



  1. I prefer Gray. His cool demeanor helps balance Natsu’s aggression out which is why the dynamic is just so great. I really liked Gray’s spinoff manga and think he would work really well as the title character of a long running series as well.

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