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Sometimes when you watch anime the main character isn’t the most interesting of the bunch. Sometimes the supporting characters have more interesting stories. There are so many supporting characters I wish had their own spinoff show. Below are some characters I wish had spinoff shows. Majority of the characters I chose their shows would be more prequels since majority of them died. 😑



This will be a prequel of L’s life. I want to know how he became the great detective that he is. I want to know what kind of kid or teen he was. I’m sure he had to be super interesting as an adolescent. I want to know about his life in the orphanage with Near and Mello.




I want these two to have a show of their own. Show how it all begin in high school with their feud. Maybe towards the end of the series they may become friends. This will def be a funny show.



This will be a prequel too. I would love to see everything from childhood and how she grew up. I will like to know more about her and her crazy sister’s relationship as kids. I find her to be so interesting and I love her character.



I want to see his life from when he became powerful. How he was before they introduced him in Bleach. I think his story would be super interesting to tell.

These are just a few characters I would like to see in their own series. What are some characters you will like to see have spinoff shows?


  1. I agree that L deserves his own series. I don’t really like Ulquiorra and haven’t watched the other titles on the list but it was fun to think about this idea. Hmm… who else deserves their own series? I’ll probably be interested in watching Mustang from FMA(B), Sabo from One Piece, Kanda from D Gray Man, Kenshin’s Battousai Version from Rurouni Kenshin (does that count?), Yurio from Yuri on Ice, and Matoba Seiji from Natsume Yujincho. Wish they really gave some of these characters their own shows. It could be a short one; I would still be happy with that 😀

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  2. From Bleach, I’d love Hitsugaya to have his own series. I think he’d be fantastic.
    this one might be a bit odd, but I’d like Kaname and Zero from Vampire Knight to have their own series without Yuki. Just take out the whole love triangle and focus on the world with vampires and hunters and I think the story would be significantly more interesting.

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  3. That really is a neat idea 😀 There certainly are a number of series that have such a large cast that sometimes not enough time is spent with some of the characters you like. Attack on Titan is I guess a prime example of this, but Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone complex is another, where I would love to spent some more time with the minor characters. Great idea for a post! 😊

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