Its Tuesday and we have Versus Tuesday. Today is a fun one.

Today we have some infamous rivalries in anime. Goku vs Vegeta, Naruto vs Sasuke, Natsu vs Gray and Shizuo vs Izaya. All of these rivalries are so fun and I love them. But which rivalry is your favorite?


Is it me or do you think this is more one sided. Sometimes Goku to me seems so oblivious to Vegeta’s jealousy. Vegeta is always doing everything he can to try and surpass Goku but never succeeds. Haha but I find it funny how Vegeta always has an attitude towards Kakarot and hopes that Kakarot fails so he can look like the strong one. But in the end they have a bromance.


also, another one sided rivalry.  Naruto is def jealous of Sasuke because he is always top of the class in Ninja tests plus all the girls loves Sasuke. Even Sakura Naruto’s crush. Sasuke pretty much brushes it off and continues doing what he does. Yet, they have an understanding of each other and have a bromance as well.


This one is funny because Natsu and Gray are both crazy and hot heads. They bicker at each other all the time. Over the most stupid and simple stuff but you can’t help but laugh. Haha but as usual they have a bromance as well.


Now these two hatred stem from when they were in High school and continued in to their adulthood. Izaya does everything possible to bother Shizuo to make him look like a crazy person. Then Shizuo will do everything possible to harm Izaya with a vending machine or a light pole. Shizuo just doesn’t trust Izaya because he knows he is alway manipulating people and causing trouble in Ikebukuro. In no way is there a bromance here. Haha

My decision, 🤔🤔🤔 I will say my favorite rivalry is Izaya and Shizuo because I find it very funny of how much they really hate each other. I think it’s hilarious that Izaya can be talking to someone in the street and then get hit by a vending machine out of no where. Then to hear Shizuo scream his name is even more hilarious.

So, who is your favorite rivalry?




  1. Goku-Vegeta hands down. I still remember the feeling I got watching their first fight when I was a young impressionable kid. When you think highlights in anime it’s hard not to put that original fight between them. I mean how badass was it when he goes Kaio ken X3. Even more so how many people remember that iconic shot of Vageta’s Galick Gun Vs Goku’s Kamehameha. Heck I wanna go look that shizz up on youtube right now… haha 🙂

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