I was just watching Elegant Yokai Apartment episode 15. In one scene There is an English club that has an event and they decided to translate an anime movie into English. They have a new student who joined the club and she asked “Why anime?” Yadda Yadda Yadda then proceeded to say “Anime is for little kids!” 😱😱😡😡

Now I know many of us have run into this situation where someone says anime is for kids. It does frustrate me every time I hear it. I think people say this because they are not open minded and didn’t give anime a chance. They just see animation and automatically think cartoon.

Now, the shows I like which are Horror and psychological majority of those are NOT and I mean are NOT for kids. I.e Attack on Titan, Elfen Lied, Tokyo Ghoul, Another and especially Corpse Party. I say teens can watch it but little kids omg who knows what kind of trauma they will have. Haha Then there are some series out there that aren’t so bloody and crazy but have adult content and kind of similar to some HBO, Showtime series like Gangsta, Michiko and Hatchin, Berserk, and Black Lagoon.

If the person or people who think anime is for kids try a series that is Similar to what they already watch on tv it may change their mind. They just have to find the genre they are into.

I want to make the whole world into anime lovers. Hahaha

Please tell me of your experience if anyone has ever said this to you?



109 thoughts on “ANIME IS FOR KIDS??!!! 😡😡😡

  1. It’s people who only know anime like Pokémon and have seen or heard of Totoro and that’s about it. It’s the same people who look down on western comics/animation and thinks that Deadpool is an appropriate comic book for a kid to read. If I ever am met with that argument I don’t even try and if I do I just ask them if they would let their kids watch South Park. If they wouldn’t, they get it. If they would, then they are a lost cause and I don’t bother.

  2. i think anime can be for bouth kids and adults, like prettycure/glitterforce, little wich acdimia, mew mew power are good choices for kids or adults but shows like tokyo ghoul are more for adults or older teens

  3. Hmmm, I may have been the one to say it… Then I got pulled into watching Cowboy Bebop and it was all a downhill journey from there. Now I tend to lean towards watching the darker anime/thrillers and I couldn’t be happier. I probably watch more anime than other things now. No regrets!

  4. Have you ever watched Little Witch Academia? It’s a anime for kids. It’s also pretty cool, too. But I do get your point. For example, most anime’s out there are either too creepy for kids, too inappropriate for kids, etc. I say anime is for ages 11 and up, because I am 11 and I watch anime. My favorite anime is Blue Exorcist.

      1. It’s about a girl who doesn’t come from a line of witches, but want to become a witch, so she goes to a witch academy, with some other girls. You’ll have to watch it to find out more.

  5. Well I wouldn’t say anime is for kids but I would say like, 13 and up. My little sister, well, she’s 11 but she watches MewMew Power and Luck and Logic

    I think SOME anime’s are for like maybe tweens and teens and up I honestly got hooked watching the anime MewMew PowerXD

  6. I also thought Anime was for kids at one stage and got really bored when someone started talking about it .
    But then one day I decided to give it a try and now I am hooked .

  7. The people thinks that because is an animation, they think that every animation is automatly for kids…
    Thats a mistake! The anime even has a category for every range of age.
    Like shounen! It is for adolescents!

  8. I have felt this way so many times. Ever since staring my anime blog, I feel as though it is something that people who have no knowledge say. By saying it is for kids what they are really saying is… “I don’t watch it.”

  9. I view anime as another form of story telling. I really get irritated when the “anime is for kids” thing pops up because it’s like you are telling me story telling is for kids. How dumber can you be?? 😂.

  10. Times like this I’m reminded of the good ole saying “kill all the normies”. Then I wake up from my “Netoge no Yome wa Onna no Ko Janai to Omotta?” induced dreams and remember what country I’m in.

  11. I love letting my son watch SOME anime, hes 2 and loves naruto like his mumma. We have just past the chunin exams and i admit he was a bit scared of orochimaru and gaara but other than that he absolutely loves it! And after naruto is going to be dragon ballz

  12. My parents normally say that too me when I watch Fairy Tail or Full Metal Alchemist. I usually tell them, “It’s not cartoons. It’s like adult cartoons that are for 16+ and up.” That’s my excuse anyways.

  13. I’ve had similar experiences with animated movies. I love the movie, The Book of Kells. I went to a calligraphy class and mentioned it and the teacher says, ‘the one for kids (the animated version) or the one for adults?’. Just because it’s animated does not mean it is exclusively for kids. People who think anything illustrated is only for kids are missing the bigger picture and may also be subjecting children to inappropriate material due to their ignorance on the subject. Thank you for posting this. I hope the right people see it.

  14. People are funny. Take a romantic comedy with a love triangle…people love it. Take that same concept and put it in an anime, it’s childish. You have a drama where there’s betrayal or muder…love it. Put it in an anime…hate it. I’m guilty of it too (but mostly with food or something my husband suggests). I’ve gotten a little better because I do not want to hear the hub say “I told you so”. People love to put limitations on themselves and their imagination. Good storytelling is good storytelling…period. And most of the time anime has great stories.

  15. Some anime is targeted at kids and others are only suitable for teens or older. Certain people just assume all cartoons are for children. In time that opinion will change when the older generations make way for the new blood. It’s just like video games. Years ago people told me that games are for kids and now it’s a massive industry that people of all ages enjoy.

  16. long story short, the internet jokes/meme about the kid-like anime series,so most people end up seeing only those kinds of shows.Another reason could be toonami,but i think that’s an old suggestion, since i don’t know too many people who use toonami (since all these streaming sites exist )

      1. Thats cool,i never grew up with cartoon network so i never actually watched toonami or anime when i was young (i think the only anime i watched at an early /single digit age was that kirby anime,found it online somewhere haha)

      2. i mean its being claimed as kidsstuff or its claimed as adult themes =/ i agree with what kaptainkristian said, “anime is not genre”, if it was a genre then these opinions can exist about being for kids or for adults because no one would know what its trying to represent to us.

  17. Aww I’d want to join you in, making the whole world into anime lovers 🙂 It would be an awesome world.
    I’ve had the complete opposite problem. Here they mistake anime with porn and think anime is only for perverts. Saying you like anime, will get you labelled a creep and as a female this has lead to some messed up situations.
    I’ve had to get around this problem, by saying I like watching shows like Ghibli movies. Instead of mentioning the word anime.

  18. Haha, oh man, when did this not happen to me. Earlier this year when I went to Animecon 2017, I told this to my colleagues from work. A few them laughed politely, but I could see then thinking….oh man, that guy has really lost it. He is 41 and is still watching cartoons…what a loser. It is infuriating to say the least, but hey, that’s how we geeks roll right. It’s with pretty much everything I like. Whether it is anime, Star Wars, science fiction, whatever…we always get these looks. But you know what? I really don’t care. I love watching anime, and I will probably continue to do that until I am old and senile, and probably after that. Maybe, just to prove a point, we should let a couple of young kids watch a couple of the episodes of the shows you were talking about. Let’s see if it scarrs the, for life….naw…just kidding ofcourse 😂😂 Seriously though…I used to really get annoyed by it. These days though, sure it is frustrating at times, but let’s just say these people don’t know any better and keep enjoying watching it anyway 😀😀

    1. Omg yes, when you say you are going to a convention that makes it worse for the non- anime people’s imagination. They start thinking nerds and real freakish geeks which many of us aren’t haha

  19. 😔 I can’t even begin to recount the many arguments that I’ve had with my sisters about how not all anime is “for kids” and if not the anime that I was watching for that particular season then the manga that I would save an purchase at the bookstores whenever I could … it used to suck so much that I couldn’t have a decent conversation with them about it without it always ended in the infamous phrase “You need to grow up and leave childish things behind” I mean just because you see something that doesn’t have “live actors” in it as everyone has pointed out doesn’t make it a kids show. If I remember correctly even some parts of the last airbender although not really considered anime had adult themed situations in it.

  20. I can totally relate to this. I haven’t had this problem but I have to explain it and say cartoons to non anime people. I was thinking about doing a funny post about this too. Anime is not for kids just because the animation. Look at Family Guy, South Park or Rick and Morty; just because it’s a cartoon it doesn’t mean kids can watch it.

  21. Anime is seen as childish because animation in the west tends yo be targeted at children. Now personally I’ve only had like 2 or 3 people call it childish and that’s because they saw shows like Fairy Tail but when I let them watch something like Gantz, Black Lagoon, Ga Rei Zero, or Corpse Party then their opinion does a full 360.

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