It’s Tuesday. I’m happy I had yesterday off from work. So a three day weekend was worth it.

It’s Versus Tuesday and today we have Shuu Tsukiyama vs Grell Sutcliff. Interesting topic today, which character was the most obsessed with their male obsession??!! Hahahah

well they both had an obsession with someone. Shuu being Kaneki and Grell being Sebastian.

Shuu a.k.a the gourmet ghoul became obsessed with Kaneki because he was a one eyed ghoul who was half human and half ghoul. His blood had a special smell that Shuu became infactuated with. He wanted to eat Kaneki when he first met him. One day Kaneki cuts himself and Shuu has a handkerchief to soak up the blood. He kept that handkerchief and smelled the blood whenever he was alone. Hahah crazy guy.

Grell who is a Grim Reaper was obsessed with Sebastian the demon butler. Everytime he ran into Sebastian, Grell become a fan girl Screaming with Googly eyes. He would Scream Sebas-Chan very flamboyantly. He would take pictures as Sebastian was fighting to protect Ciel. I loved when Grell took selfies with Sebby. He even tried to come on to Β him many times and Sebastin would smoothly decline and escape Grells advances.

Out of of these two who is the most obsessed would be probably Shuu. I think the blood on the handkerchief takes the cake. That is almost drug addict addiction haha. But I do have to say I relate to Grell because I would totally be the same way with Sebastian as well. Haha

So, who do you think is the most obsessed character of them both?


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