imageThis is my 4th year attending The New York Comic Con convention. As always there are a lot of people and so crowded you are walking shoulder to shoulder with everyone.


This year I didn’t attended any panels. There wasn’t really any that caught my interest. The one I would have attended Hiro Mashima’s Fairytail but I’ve already attended that at the Japanese Society event on Thursday. So got to be more up close and personal there then at a huge convention setting. Thank goodness for the Japanese Society. Some of the panels they did have were for Walking Dead, which is always a huge hit, Robot Chicken, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan cast interview, and Twisted Toonz.


The floor exhibits in the Artist Gallery are so awesome. To see the different art works of the many talented artists are always amazing. I love the interest the fans have in their artwork as well. Then you have the Merchandise floors. They are always charging prices out the ying yang because they know they can. People will buy it because they are at the convention. I bought 2 manga Death Note Black Edition Volumes 4 and 5 which I have been looking for everywhere. These books are awesome looking and I couldn’t find them. When I looked online they didn’t have volumes 4 and 5 and now I finally complete my series. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ finally, the gamers section is always packed. There are long lines waiting to play a game. So many of them are good at gaming that you can tend to wait a bit. But it’s still fun overall.


This year the most popular costumes that I saw everywhere were IT from IT, Rick from Rick and Morty, Raven from Teen Titans and Wonder Woman. Of course the regulars DeadPool, Harley Quinn, Joker and Spider-Man. But I do have to say this year not that many people dressed up. Honestly. There were more people wearing t-shirts with characters on it but no one really dressed up. My group when we stood places or were somewhere we looked like the odd ones out because we were dressed up and everyone around wasn’t. I was kind of disappointed. I’m hoping the Cosplaying its dying out. That is my favorite part about comic con.



So the reason I get to the convention extremely early is so my badge can get scanned to attend the NYCC Eastern Championship Cosplay event. It’s my favorite part because like I said I love cosplayers. It’s just so great to see the amazingly talented cosplayers creativity in the work. I do have to say this year it was a lot of awesome costumes.

There were three categories than the usual 4 they use to have. Armored, Needlework and FX.










These were the top three from left to right 3rd, 2nd and then 1st place winner. All well deserved and their costumes were all amazing. I wish I had talents like that.


Overall, I enjoyed the convention a lot. I had an amazing time as always. I will def go back next year. Did anyone else attend?


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