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If you saw the Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale movie you have already heard Season 3 has been confirmed. The new title will be called Sword Art Online: Alicization. This follows the novels arc of the same name.

Not only that but a new series will be out based on the Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online novels.

Talk about overdrive. I think I am a bit excited to see both. I’m ready for some gaming shows again. Hahah


  1. I’m definitely hyped for SAO 3! I’ve started reading the light novels and finished the first one for this arc. It’s off to a pretty fun start, not a lot of action but a ton of set up so I can see why it’s so huge. The arc in the novels was 9 books long I believe so that should be enough for 50+ episodes since it took 2 seasons to adapt the first 8. Hopefully the season is at least 26 episodes so they can cover a good chunk of it. Definitely has the potential to be the anime of the year!

    I don’t know anything about the spinoff, but more SAO should always be a good thing!


  2. I saw the movie and I was waiting until they mentioned SAO3. I can now be hyped to watch this show again. Same with the spinoff series. I don’t know much about it but it would be nice to jump back into GGO.

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