Spike Spiegel vs Shinya Kogami (VERSUS TUESDAY)



I swear I wish it was Friday! Haha well since its Tuesday and it is “Versus Tuesday.”

Today we have some hot, cool and badass guys, Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop and Shinya Kogami from Pyscho-Pass. Who would win in a battle?

I love them both. They are like my husbands. They both are anti-heroes. They both know how to use their gun. They play by their own rules. Plus they are both heavy smokers haha

Spike is a bounty hunter that once used to be part of  the criminal organization Red Dragon Syndicate until he was betrayed. He became a bounty hunter searching for criminals in hopes to make a lot of money which usually fails. Haha but while on these hunts Spike would whoop some ass. He can shoot his gun and had combat skills as well. He sometimes can look like Bruce Lee.

Shinya is a skilled detective and excels at his work that many of his fellow colleagues are amazed and yet jealous. He takes his investigations to another level of dedication. He is quick to go after the bad guys and sometimes take some really risky methods at achieving his goal.

If I had to choose anyone, hmmmmmmmmm 🤔🤔🤔 hmmmmmmmmmmmm. I may go with Spike no wait Shinya, no Spike , no Shinya. I really can’t tell you because Spike is a skilled fighter but Shinya is really smart and really technical with his stuff. Ughhh so hard. I love them both I can’t choose.

so, who do you think would win in a battle Spike Spiegel or Shinya Kogami???

6 thoughts on “Spike Spiegel vs Shinya Kogami (VERSUS TUESDAY)

  1. dreager1

    I’ve gotta go with Shinya here! His gun really looks awesome and as the others said he’s just a really great fighter overall. Won’t be one sided or anything, but I think he’ll edge Spike out.

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  3. raistlin0903

    Haha, I wish it was friday as well….aargh… What’s that still three more days to go ? 😮😮 Oh well 😊 As for who would win, I’m going with Shinya. I just like that character too much, and I think he has the best skills on paper as well 😊

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