BORUTO – Little Rant


I’ve been watching Boruto faithfully. I am just a fan of Natuto and the Ninja genre. But I am not as happy as I will like to be.

At first I was super excited because it was a new generation. Watching the first few episodes seemed so cool and fun. But now the show is feeling more like a slice of life anime. And I can not stand slice of life anime. There are very few I do like.


The tasks Boruto and his fellow classmates have are so simple and boring. Nothing exciting like his Father Naruto did with Team seven. There exams were extreme and real dangerous. Boruto have simple things like working at local jobs they have in the neighborhood.

The moment we had a bad guy in the series it turned out to be there fellow classmate Sumire Kakei due to a past revenege/ promise she had to do for her dad. Then everything went back to normal. 🙄

Now the past few episodes there was a new threat a guy who calls himself Shin Uchiha who wants to bring the Akastuki back and we are watching a new Naruto episode because these scenes involved Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura doing what they did as kids. Boruto isn’t even in the past episodes. Shin made clones of his experiments that are albino looking kids who was killers. AND now they are part of the leaf village as good guys. Ughh

There are no real threats in Boruto. Once they get a new threat they are eliminated in 2 episodes. We really need a bad guy. I love bad guys and this story is no where as good a Naruto. 😭😭😭😭

Sorry just had to vent. They just need to figure something out.

20 thoughts on “BORUTO – Little Rant

  1. This sounds a bit like the Soul Eater prequel series. Instead of action it was mostly slice of life and comedy. If the author wanted to tackle a different genre maybe they should have set it in a different universe rather than the Naruto one? Oh well, things may get more dangerous as the show progresses. Perhaps they are starting slow to introduce/flesh out the new cast.


  2. To be honest, even if it was the best rated anime out there I could still not watch something called “Boruto”. It’s just the most ridiculous name ever invented. None only does it sound like Burrito (which I feel like we are all purposely ignoring) but it’s both too vain and weird to tolerate a name like that. Let’s be real people, If I were to change a letter in my name to name my son or something like that any people in his right mind would refuse to acknwoledge the existence of my son. You wouldn’t watch a star wars movie focused on Tuke Skywalker and Chewbeca, so why are we tolerating something and someone called Boruto is beyond me.

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  3. I completely agree with you–I really do think there is a lot less action/excitement so far in the series. BUT I also think that is for a reason–I think the writers are trying to get the point across that life really has changed, and that there is less & less need for violence in the “new world” as peace has become more widespread. I think a lot of that will change though, if we just hold on a little while longer 🙂

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  4. I get what you’re talking about since Boruto has been really low key. I think it works to an extent although not as well as other similar shows. That being said, adding real villains could be tricky since Naruto and Sasuke are so super OP. Hopefully they’re able to do a good job of it. I do think this slice of life phase can’t last too much longer and soon we’ll get some real episodes!

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  5. You can’t really expect much from Boruto right now, they still need to build up some of the other characters like Mitsuki, Boruto, Shikidai, and Inojin before they bring in anything really big.

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