Yes, I have been gone but now I’m back and so is Versus Tuesday. Yayy today is an awesome one.

We have Ryuko Matoi from Kill La Kill vs Akame from Akame Ga Kill.

Both are great at cutting down someone with their weapons and both are skilled fighters.

Now Ryuko does have a bad attitude which I love. Very angry. Haha When her and Senketsu (her blue uniform) synchronize through the life fibers her appearance and power changes. She becomes even more powerful.

Akame is a silent killer. She is part of an elite assassin group called Night Raid. She is also known as Akame of the Demon Sword Murasame. She is def opposite of Ryuko, she is pretty quiet and deadly. She gets power from Mursame (the demon sword) and becomes much stronger.

Now who would in in the field, I am not sure because when you think Ryuko is down and  Inexperienced her Senketsu helps her and she wins fights. But Akame also has a trump card up her sleeve. It really depends on whose trump card would win. I’m at a tie here.

Who do you think would win Ryuko or Akame??




17 thoughts on “RYUKO VS AKAME!!! (VERSUS TUESDAY)

  1. 🤔🤔 this one actually took me a couple days to think about because both are awesome. But who would win in my opinion I would have to give it to Akame. Aside from her being just OP in her own right, she just doesn’t have any remorse for anything that stands in the way of her goals. Plus if Ryuko even makes the slightest mistake despite her suit making her a weapon, she’s finished.

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  2. This is a tough choice. Both girls have dangerous weapons. If Akame’s sword touches Ryuko even a little bit, she gets killed easily. Ryuko has a super suit that allows her to become a weapon. I think Ryuko would win.

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      1. I found Akame to be a very boring title character and found the rest of the cast far more interesting. Then again, I didn’t much like the anime overall. Then Kill La Kill I really, really didn’t like so kind of disliked every single character in the show. These two just weren’t for me.

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  3. You’re back! You’ve been missed. 🙂 I like Akame because she’s totally the kind of character that I tend to gravitate towards, also she’s pretty hot. But Ryuko is also a badass in her own way, similarly to Akame in many ways, and I liked her too. It’s difficult to choose, but I’d still pick Akame.

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