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Spike Spiegel vs Shinya Kogami (VERSUS TUESDAY)



I swear I wish it was Friday! Haha well since its Tuesday and it is “Versus Tuesday.”

Today we have some hot, cool and badass guys, Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop and Shinya Kogami from Pyscho-Pass. Who would win in a battle?

I love them both. They are like my husbands. They both are anti-heroes. They both know how to use their gun. They play by their own rules. Plus they are both heavy smokers haha

Spike is a bounty hunter that once used to be part of  the criminal organization Red Dragon Syndicate until he was betrayed. He became a bounty hunter searching for criminals in hopes to make a lot of money which usually fails. Haha but while on these hunts Spike would whoop some ass. He can shoot his gun and had combat skills as well. He sometimes can look like Bruce Lee.

Shinya is a skilled detective and excels at his work that many of his fellow colleagues are amazed and yet jealous. He takes his investigations to another level of dedication. He is quick to go after the bad guys and sometimes take some really risky methods at achieving his goal.

If I had to choose anyone, hmmmmmmmmm 🤔🤔🤔 hmmmmmmmmmmmm. I may go with Spike no wait Shinya, no Spike , no Shinya. I really can’t tell you because Spike is a skilled fighter but Shinya is really smart and really technical with his stuff. Ughhh so hard. I love them both I can’t choose.

so, who do you think would win in a battle Spike Spiegel or Shinya Kogami???

BORUTO – Little Rant


I’ve been watching Boruto faithfully. I am just a fan of Natuto and the Ninja genre. But I am not as happy as I will like to be.

At first I was super excited because it was a new generation. Watching the first few episodes seemed so cool and fun. But now the show is feeling more like a slice of life anime. And I can not stand slice of life anime. There are very few I do like.


The tasks Boruto and his fellow classmates have are so simple and boring. Nothing exciting like his Father Naruto did with Team seven. There exams were extreme and real dangerous. Boruto have simple things like working at local jobs they have in the neighborhood.

The moment we had a bad guy in the series it turned out to be there fellow classmate Sumire Kakei due to a past revenege/ promise she had to do for her dad. Then everything went back to normal. 🙄

Now the past few episodes there was a new threat a guy who calls himself Shin Uchiha who wants to bring the Akastuki back and we are watching a new Naruto episode because these scenes involved Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura doing what they did as kids. Boruto isn’t even in the past episodes. Shin made clones of his experiments that are albino looking kids who was killers. AND now they are part of the leaf village as good guys. Ughh

There are no real threats in Boruto. Once they get a new threat they are eliminated in 2 episodes. We really need a bad guy. I love bad guys and this story is no where as good a Naruto. 😭😭😭😭

Sorry just had to vent. They just need to figure something out.

Japan Society Hosting Fairytail’s Manga Artist Hiro Mashima 

Hello fellow Anime Fans,

As always I like to tell my readers when there is a local Anime event. I am so attending because I like to meet the creators behind many of the shows and Manga we are obsessed with haha. I am not a huge fan of fairytail but I do appreciate great artwork and people’s creativeness. 
Are you a Fairy Tail fan? Award-winning manga artist Hiro Mashima, the creator of the epic fantasy series, will be coming to Japan Society for a special talk this October in anticipation of his New York Comic Con appearance as Guest of Honor!


Come hear first-hand from the award-winning manga artist who brought you Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia, and all your favorite Fairy Tail characters. Hiro Mashima: The Magical World of Fairy Tail takes place on Thursday, October 5, 6:30 pm at Japan Society.


Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity – get your tickets below!!
I will be there. Hope to see you there!! 😀😀



Yes, I have been gone but now I’m back and so is Versus Tuesday. Yayy today is an awesome one.

We have Ryuko Matoi from Kill La Kill vs Akame from Akame Ga Kill.

Both are great at cutting down someone with their weapons and both are skilled fighters.

Now Ryuko does have a bad attitude which I love. Very angry. Haha When her and Senketsu (her blue uniform) synchronize through the life fibers her appearance and power changes. She becomes even more powerful.

Akame is a silent killer. She is part of an elite assassin group called Night Raid. She is also known as Akame of the Demon Sword Murasame. She is def opposite of Ryuko, she is pretty quiet and deadly. She gets power from Mursame (the demon sword) and becomes much stronger.

Now who would in in the field, I am not sure because when you think Ryuko is down and  Inexperienced her Senketsu helps her and she wins fights. But Akame also has a trump card up her sleeve. It really depends on whose trump card would win. I’m at a tie here.

Who do you think would win Ryuko or Akame??






Smokin Parade follows a boy named Youkou who has spent his life caring for his sister Mirai who is wheelchair-bound. The Amenotori company created a revolutionary new medical technique that has given Mirai a new pair of legs and her new found freedom. With this new technology comes rare side effects such as mindless acts of extreme, grotesque violence. Their victims turn into “Spiders” which are monsters whose heads transforms into animal costumes. Their physical strength heightens and their instincts run amok.

The Jackalopes, an elite squad who are armed with gears – super powered battle ready prosthetics are here to annihilate the Spiders. They are looking to expose the Amenotori’s secrets and rescue the victims they are experimenting on. Youkou decides to join the Jackalopes to hopefully help his sister.




Youkou spent his life caring for his sister Mirai who is wheelchair-bound. She was given a transplant from the Amenotori company and changed her life and gained her freedom. Due to this transplant Mirai’s personality becomes erratic and she changes into a Spider after she takes Youkou’s arms and his left leg. Youkou is then caught in a crossfire between his sister as a spider and the Jackalopes. Now with a missing arms and leg he decides to join the Jackalopes to hopefully one day save his sister.



Mira is Youkou’s younger sister who was wheel-chair bound her whole life. She is given a transplant from the Amenotori company that came up with a new revolutionary transplant system. After her transplant her personality becomes erratic and she then becomes a spider. Her bother is hoping to save her one day.



Akuta is a member of the Jackalopes. He takes a liking to Youkou because he sees himself in him. He is a bad ass guy and is a heavy smoker.


A revolutionary company that has developed a technique that can transplant any human body part.



humans that received the new transplants from Amenotori that turned them into monsters whose heads transformed into animal costumes. Their physical strength heightens and their instincts run amok.


How I got into this manga was I was in the bookstore and saw the artistic work and thought “that looks like Deadman Wonderland”. Then I saw the illustrators/ authors were the same. Since I am a fan of Deadman Wonderland I said I have to try this.

Smokin Parade has a very similar feel to Deadman Wonderland. The gore and bloody scenes are just as epic. The brute kind of characters who have the “don’t give a shit” type attitude are definitely present in this series.

So far only two book series have come out in America. So, I am giving my review on what I have read so far.

The story is really fast pace. As soon as you start reading you dive into chaos. The gore is not held back and is presented as soon as the story begins.

The storyline is pretty similar to other stories where there is a corporation that experiments on victims and they are hiding secrets. Then there is an organization that always wants to expose them. So on that aspect nothing special.

The characters are pretty bad ass. Youkou has his faith that he can save his sister and change her back from being a spider. He is always looking to help others which sometimes puts him and the jackalopes in some dangerous situations. He is always quoting his family rules when he gets mad and is about to fight someone.

Akuta is pretty awesome, he reminds me of Crow from Deadman Wonderland , they are hardcore but yet still has feelings for people they care for. Akuta can whoop some ass as well.

The Jackalopes team is pretty hardcore, they are always ready to fight spiders and thugs who try them. They don’t have a sensitive bone in their body when it comes to other bad people.

As for the villains the spiders are really crazy and have no remorse for what they do. It’s really because they lost all since of being human. The series just kind of started introducing some villains so I haven’t been able to take a liking to any yet. Especially since I am all about villains. I will see as they come out with more books.

Overall, I do have to say I am enjoying the series so far because I do like gore and bad ass characters. It also feels kind of nostalgic because I did like deadman wonderland and I was upset I finished that manga series. So this kind of feels that void.