Hello, I’ve been so tired. Work has been crazy. Anyways, today is “Versus Tuesday.”

This one is not a battle but who do you like best question?? I get so many different opinions on this.

Today we have Asuna from Sword Art Online vs Sinon from Gun Gale Online (SAO season 2).

First I have to say they are both pretty skilled and awesome in their gaming field, Asuna with her sword skills and Sinon with her sniper skills. Made me happy that girls can be awesome gamers too.

Now for who I like better I have to be honest they both annoyed me in a few ways. Asuna I can’t pin point what it is that annoys me but she does. I don’t know if it was her personality, her clinginess to Kirito, I really don’t know.

Then Sinon like many have agreed with me is her disorder she had of holding a gun in real life. I understand her trauma as a kid but it kind of annoyed me of how many times they had to keep showing her weakness.

If if I had to choose who I like best, it would be Sinon because I love her sniper skills. I just wished season 2 was better executed. It really didn’t have a great story for her character.

Who do you like better Asuna or Sinon?


  1. I gotta go for Asuna here. I really liked her in Arc 1 back when she was a frontline fighter and even if she hasn’t gotten much to do since then, her personality is always fun. She looked really good in the movie and has always supported Kirito. I look forward to a future arc where they get to fight side by side again.

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  2. Sinon easily. Both of them started off as badasses and then made into nothing more than team Kirito cheerleaders. The only real difference between the two is that Simon’s character was more built up and we got to understand her beyond her virtual avatar while with Asuna she was only built up in game, outside the game we get a little look at Asuna’s controlling mother but it didn’t feel as good as Sinon’s story. Another thing is that for Asuna to be a rather important character in 3 separate arcs we only see a real character once the rest of the time she was either a damsel, cheerleader, or badasses who felt flat.

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  3. Pffff…why do you always make these choices so very hard lol 😂😂 I loved Sinon…but I also have a weak spot for Asuna. So…..I am going to vote for her. I just like her character a lot, and can’t not vote for her in this case 😀

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