This season has been pretty good for new anime. I’ve been pretty happy with a good amount. Since it’s half way through the season wanted to share my opinion on the shows.


Anime: Saiyuki Reload Blast Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Shenmo


The Sanbutsushin (The three Aspects of Buddha who relay the orders of heaven) sends Genjyo Sanzo the monk, the monkey king son Goku, half demon Sha Gojyo and Cho Hakkai who turned into a demon down to India to stop the Demon King Gyumaoh from resurrecting. We follow them on their journey of fighting demons and trying to survive with no money or food.


This is my fav show of the season. I love all 4 of the main characters.

Anime: Classroom of the Elite Genre: Drama, School


Kiyotaka Ayanokōji is a quiet and not very motive boy. He has been placed in Class – D at Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing School, which is dedicated to instructing students for the future society of Japan. Class D has the inferior students who have to work hard in their scores to move a head a letter grade for their class. Ayanokōji befriends two students Suzune Horikita and Kikyō Kushida and his life begins to change.


This is my second favorite anime of the season. I really like Ayanokōji because his nonchalant attitude is so cool, he is smarter than you expect. There are so many secrets to him they haven’t revealed yet and I am anxious to learn more about him. The competition between the classes is another aspect of this show that entertains me. The characters are another factor I like as well, their teacher is awesome with her cold demeanor. This show has so many secrets that I am so excited for things to come to light.


Anime; Gamers Genre: Romantic Comedy, Game, School


Keita Amano loves to games but he doesn’t have any friends. One day in school Karen Tendou who is the most beautiful and popular girl in school approaches him to join the Gaming club, but Keita rejects her offer because he is not into competitive gaming. He just likes to play games for the fun of it. After this rejection Keita’s life changes for the better.


This is a funny show. Amano is such a lovable character and you can’t help but like him. He is so oblivious to what happens around him and it’s so hilarious. Karen even though she is beautiful and popular she has a quirky and goofy side to her. This romance comedy is def a must watch because of all the random moments that you do not expect.


Anime: Clean Freak! Aoyama- Kun Genre: Comedy, Sports (soccer), school


Aoyama- Kun is a super skilled soccer player but he has an obsession with cleanliness. We watch his everyday spectacles of his daily OCD activities.


This show is hilarious. I kind of understand Aoyama- Kun’s OCD. I hate germs as well but I am no where near as bad as him. His nonchalant attitude is funny and the OCD is hilarious. I do like some of the supporting characters. … And his angry attitude towards Aoyama’s OCD. It’s a funny show you can’t help but watch.



Anime: Hell Girl 2 Genre: Supernatural, Mystery, Horror, Psychological


Each episode follows different individuals who are in extremely stressful or dangerous situations caused by someone else. At midnight the individual can access the Hell Correspondence website and request to get rid of that person. Hell girl who is named Ai Emma. She presents the individuals with a doll that has a string tied around it. Once they pull the string hell girl will get rid of the person that is causing the problems in their lives and bring them to hell to suffer. In exchange the individual who requested this order will also go to Hell when they die.


Now I loved Hell girl season one. I like dark psychological anime. This season is not bad it’s just that it’s pretty much the same stuff as season one. There is a tiny twist with this mysterious girl coming around. Wonder what that is about, but I hope they add something new to the plot. Maybe someone that is against hell girl or someone trying to expose that this is real to world, I don’t know but something more. I still like the darkness to this anime.

Anime: Elegant Yokai Apartment life Genre: Superntaural,


Yūshi Inaba has been living with his uncle and family since his parents died. Yūshi wants his own independence and decides to move into his high school dormitory. Unfortunately, the dormitory burns down. Not wanting to move back in with his Uncle he finds a cheap apartment called the Kotobuki-sō that he can rent until they rebuild his dorm. After moving in he finds out that the apartment has yōkai, ghost and other worldly beings. Thus, beginning a new life for Yūshi.


This anime is a slice of life but it’s not too bad. I do like the yokai because they pretty funny and cool. But I wish there was more of them. I like the main character … But I want this story to give me more.

Anime: Katsugeki Touken Ranbu Genre: Historical Fiction, Supernatural


In 1863 during the shogunate war, Izuminokami Kanesada and a new recruit Horikawa Kinhiro which are Token Danshin(sword warrior) are historical Japanese blades brought to life by Saniwa, must stop the Jikan Sokōgun (time retrograde army) from changing history. They must recover a mysterious cargo that is capable of changing history.


I really do like the action in this anime. I also like the characters because they all have tough and cool attitudes. It’s the story that I am not too sure about, it has a good base but I feel there is something missing to nail this story to be really exciting. I like they can go back in time and try and keep history the way it should be with out the … messing it up. But I feel there is something missing to the story to make it a fav for me.


Anime: 18if Genre: Supernatural, Dark Fantasy


18if follows a boy named Haruto Tsuishiro who wakes up in a dream world that is filled with strange entities controlled by witches. He is assisted by professor Katsumi and a mysterious white haired girl named Lily to survive. They all come together to outsmart the witches and attempt to return to the real world.


I agreed with Karandi on her post that there are so many unanswered questions. Why is … able to see these dreams and interact with others? Why are all the witches females? I’m sure males go through issues as well. Is he a savior or something? So many questions and no answers yet. I do like the dream world because it’s so cool and mystical looking. But so far this anime has not captured my interest.


Anime: Resturant to Another World Genre: Fantasy


The Western Restaurant Nekoya is a typical restaurant in Tokyo, Japan that serves many dishes including western food. The difference between this restaurant and others is that every Saturday the restaurant opens up for business to other worlds inhabited by elves, dragons, animal men and mystical creatures. Many of these other worldly beings becomes regular patrons every Saturday.


This anime is interesting because of the different portals between the worlds that lead to this restaurant. The different creatures and fairytale people that enter are unique. I am just not into slice of Life anime. This anime has no point or climax and it will probably be enjoyable to those that are slice of life type people. But I do give it credit the food does look really good when it’s done.

So those are my thoughts of the summer 2017 season. What are your thoughts on some of the shows?





25 thoughts on “SUMMER 2017 ANIME – FAV AND LEAST FAV

  1. You’ve definitely given me a few more to check out before the new stuff drops for Fall. So far I am in total agreement with you on 18if that one put me to sleep on episode one. It seems all over the place to me and when I feel like that I drop the entire series entirely

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  2. Adding a villain to Hell Girl would be pretty awesome. Someone to give her a real challenge in combat would be a nice change of pace. I haven’t seen either season of the anime, but the manga was pretty fun to read back in the day. Based on the summaries above, Gamer sounds like it’d be my favorite. I’m always up for game based shows and it just looks like it’d be a lot of fun! Glad to see that the Summer churned out some good titles

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  3. I was going to watch classroom of the elite but I thought it would be like this other anime (forgot the name) where they are assigned classrooms based on their test grades. However it got boring and I stopped watching. If u happen to know the anime I’m talking about would u say the classroom of the elite is similar?


  4. I’m amazed I’m still watching Clean Freak Aoyama Kun and Gamers, actually my whole line up this season is very strange with the number of comedy and slice of life stories I am watching. Still, they are kind of fun even if not my usual kind of thing. And hopefully 18if eventually does something with all those questions… you know, like answer them maybe.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the season.

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