I have been M.I.A for the past week and a half. Work has been crazy and it’s our busy time. But now I have time again to do my blog yayy.
I was able to catch up with a lot of the anime for the summer 2017 season. A lot of good ones I’m watching.

While watching the new shows I’ve been skipping over the openings. 😐 I know many people will not skip at all but me I’m Β not going to lie, I am a skipper. Hahha I guess I’m just anxious to watch the show and get to the story.

It’s not only this season but a lot of shows. If it’s my first time watching the show I will watch the OP only because I like to see what song choice they chose and if it goes with the theme of the show. But after the first episode I will skip every time.

Ugh I feel kind of bad but I can’t help it. I will say though there are some shows I have watched in the past where I can not skip the opening at all such as Deadman Wonderland, Watamote, Elfen Lied, Attack on Titan Season 1, and even Tokyo Ghoul. I sat through the opening every time and did not skip at all. But if it isn’t those shows I am back to skipping.

Does anyone else do this or is everyone a dedicated OP listener?

31 thoughts on “IS IT WRONG TO SKIP THE OP?? πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•

  1. I almost always watch the OP unless I really am not into it. There are only a few shows I did this for though. But it really doesn’t matter if you listen to it or not, it doesn’t add or take away any enjoyment of the show, so no harm done

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  2. I tend to let both the OP and ED play each episode unless I find the songs actively annoying. But hey, I’d say it’s a matter of preference rather than right or wrong.

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  3. Since I’m an episodic blogger I tend to skip most OPs and EDs for time reasons. You’d be amazed how much extra time you get while marathoning by skipping 3 extra minutes per episode. Unless the OPs and EDs have extra messages in them I skip most after the first time.

    Of course the ones I love I quickly look up the full versions upon release to enjoy at my leisure.

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  4. When watching a DVD I tend to skip the songs. If I am watching a show online I just bear with the tune because skipping can be a hassle. Depends on the anime. Like you mention, some shows have excellent music that is worth hearing multiple times.

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  5. I really depends for me. Some shows I will watch it all the time. Also depends on my mood, sometimes I’ll skip the op even if I always watch it. Some shows I just skip all the time because they bore me. Haha

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  6. For me it really depends on how I feel about the opening. If I really like it I hardly ever skip it unless I’m just way too excited for the upcoming episode. I listen to the opening for every episode of Haikyuu because I liked them so much. Though, if I am binge watching a show instead of going week to week I usually skip it (again unless I really like it) because I am listening to it over and over it seems like. Great post!! πŸ™‚

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  7. I am a big fan of openings and endings so I usually try to watch them every time, especially since I find that some can change over the course of the episodes and its nice noticing those little changes or shifts in the visuals. I think the only times I skip is when I am watching with others because time is more precious than rewatching the opening over and over again. It’s completely fine skipping over openings, I just love the surprise of finding out the visuals changed at some point. Darn modern anime for making me care so much about paying attention! It all started with Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure…

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  8. I know people that swear by like its their religion. Lol i usually don’t skip the opening theme but i’m pretty sure I’ve done it people. Skipping the end theme is more of my thing

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  9. There’s nothing wrong with it but I don’t tend to skip OP’s (unless I’ve been binge watching more than three episodes already and I just want the next part of the story). Endings on the other hand, I tend to skip after I’ve heard it once or twice unless I know there’s going to be something post credits.

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  10. No way! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with skipping the OP after the first episode. In fact, I find myself doing it more often when new shows come out. Now if it’s from shows like Deadman Wonderland or Akame Ga Kill just to name a couple I would gladly let them play throughout. Other than that I see no harm in being a skipper.

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