This is one of my favorite Versus Tuesday. Only because Dragon Ball Z was my first anime. It was one of my fav shows filled with some funny and interesting Villians.

Well the three main villains from my childhood are Frieza, Cell and Majin Buu.


Well to break it down:

Frieza was probably one of the most epic first fights Goku had to me. I mean back then he did fight Vegeta and Nappa but when he fought Frieza he really had to give it his all. Frieza was so powerful he was def a huge challenge for Goku. I also liked Frieza because he knew how to put cocky Vegeta in his place. He also wrecked havoc for all the other DBZ fighters.

Cell was an unexpected villian. Even though most of them usually are but he was def really a cool one. I thought he was kind of funny and his different forms went from weird to kind of cool. I did like his coloring the most. He was def a strong character as well.

Now Majin Buu was probably the most entertaining and very underestimated Β character. When you first see him all you saw was a fat bubble gum looking alien. His voice alone made me crack up. Haha but when he fought he was def nothing to play with. Then his different forms went from cool buff guy to little short gremlin looking creature.

All in all my favorite villain was def Majin Buu because he was just not what I expected. He was too funny and I loved his different forms the most.

Who was your favorite DBZ Villian, Frieza, Cell or Majin Buu?


  1. This is really tough to choose. It’s either Frieza or Majin Buu I like the most. Frieza proved that he can get stronger through training and made the fights interested with Goku and I hear he’s also an ally during the tournaments in DBS. Majin Buu is funny and I like how he just like destruction in Buu Saga. Cell is cool and I like his English voice but I find it funny that he starts complaining when someone over powers him like Vegeta in his Semi-Perfect or when SS2 Gohan hurt him a lot.

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  2. Cell is the coolest from that trio. Frieza would probably win in a fight, given how much stronger he has gotten recently, just by doing a bit of training. I could never take Buu seriously, given how goofy he looks and acts.

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  3. DBZ was probably the first anime aired in SA. Dubbed in English. I was obsessed. I remember the Frieza saga was epic and saw Goku’s first super saiyan transformation. The music was awesome. The same for Cell. But I think my favourite was Buu. He was comical on whole new levelπŸ˜‚ ah I feel like watching it again 😣

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  4. I think as a child, I really enjoyed the duality of Majin Buu. The quirky plumper side of him that grew to enjoy humanity over his meeting with Hercule and the chaotic brat that was the younger version. Both gave a decent understanding of Buu’s innocence but also his capacity for childish destruction. Though if I had to go with my favourite villain nowadays it would have to be Cell and what he meant for Gohan as a character. A protagonist is only as strong as their antagonist and Cell proved time and again why he was to be feared. Defeating allies left and right and seemingly growing into an unstoppable killing machine, Cell was the one villain that made me take notice to the gravity that Dragonball Z could have as a show. And if I ever do decide to watch the shorter version, I think I would look forward to watching the aptly named “Cell Saga” again out of all of them.

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