Its Tuesday and the Weeknd is not over yet. UGHH but it is Versus Tuesday. yayyy

Today we have Kaneki vs Shinichi/Migi!!!

Well they both were humans in the beginning. Now one is a ghoul and the other is intertwined with a Parasyte. Their human abilities and powers def advanced with their new changes.

Kaneki is def powerful because he has part of Rize’s organ in him and she was a powerful ghoul. Once he became more of a ghoul he was perfect with his new found powers.

Shinichi became even more powerful when Migi had to save him when he was struck by another Parasyte that put a whole through his chest. Migi used some of his cells to heal Shinichi. So his new human abilities were way more advanced.

Now in a battle who would win. Β Really can’t tell you because Kaneki is really good when he fights and with his Kagune he is even more dangerous. Then Shinichi and Migi together are amazing. Migi can create like 8 arms with mini axes and can whoop ass. So Kaneki’s Kagune and Migi’s many arms would def go toe to toe. So honestly I can’t tell you but what I do know it would be one hell of a fight.

Who do do you think would win in a battle Kaneki or Shinichi/Migi??



  1. That would be one hell of a fight to watch. Pretty much, evenly matched, so it be hard to say who would win.
    Personally, I’d want Kaneki to lose, because I really don’t like him. His character winds me up something awful. He’s a complete, little hate the world and this makes him incredibly judgemental of others.
    Shinichi had it hard too, but didn’t blame everyone else for it, so I’d back him. πŸ™‚ Plus I love Migi, its so cute πŸ™‚

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