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I have thought about this question before just because my mind is sometimes crazy haha. It’s almost like who ever thought in the 1920’s in U.S history they would prohibit the use of alcohol. I mean really? In China they banned some anime like Death Note, Attack on Titan, Parasyte, Another and Highschool of the Dead. This was due to the graphic violence and scenes they have. Well what if one day the government in your country decided to ban Anime all together, what would you do?

Well I am not going to lie, I will have to go through the black market and buy my anime. The deep dark web or something. I will have to get into illegal activities.

I might start a speakeasy (an illicit establishment that sells alcoholic beverages) for anime. Maybe call it an Anime-Easy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. There will be a password to enter the establishment. Everyone who attends must be in cosplay or have a clothing item that is associated with anime. Hahaha this is actually sounding kind of fun.


If I didn’t do the illegal route then I would just have to obsess over tv series which I am already do but go extra hard with them like, Game of Thrones, Ray Donavan, Homeland, Power, The Americans, Ballers, Silicon Valley, and Gotham. Just to name of few. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


I would write into the government everyday if I could and tell them why they should overturn their decision. Maybe go picketing with Anime characters on my signs shouting “BRING BACK ANIME” . I would cause an uproar hahah. Maybe be like the scouts from Attack on Titan and charge into the government offices like they were Titans. Hahaha this also sounds fun but super dangerous,

But I think I really like the illegal route, it sounds like a lot more fun. Hahah

What would you do if anime was banned?


  1. This actually makes me wonder what has been banned in the US. For all we know, there is a tone of media and information not available in the US. There are still bootlegged versions of Anime available through streaming. I have to admit, I like the idea of a “black market” for media.

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    1. haha I can see the convo to the dealer.

      *To dealer*
      Me: Yo you got that New Kamehameha(DBZ Super)
      Dealer: Yea got that Kamehameha Bruh…5 bruh
      Me: Got u..*hands over money and slips DVD under jacket*

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      1. Haha yes and if they don’t owe me the money in time it’d be like:
        Dealer: So where’s the extra Β£5 you owe me
        Me: I don’t have it, I spent it on something else
        Dealer: Big Larry, go sort him out, he hasn’t paid me for his copy of One Piece!

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  2. If the sale of anime was banned in just my country it wouldn’t be a big deal. The internet allows people to watch it illegally. No more anime would suck, but I have other forms of entertainment to keep me amused (games, movies, books etc) so I would spend the extra free time on those.

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  3. If anime was banned, part of me will die. However, I will try to fight and bring it back and make it legal. If it all fails, I guess I will just depend on video games, live action movies and comic books for entertainment.

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  4. It just seems you want to do your ” Anime-Easy” thing no matter what. hahaha Yeah, I wouldn’t know what to do with a ban on anime. Maybe move to japan.

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  5. Hmm, I don’t know what I would do per say, but I would want to know why anime was banned. Like what is their justification for it. Unlike most other countries, it’s hard to ban entertainment in the US because of our laws and what this nation was founded on.

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      1. Fooking glad I’ve found likeminded people on WordPress. Let me take a minute to wipe off this massive nosebleed.

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  6. Well…I would get everyone with a blog that deals with anime together here at WordPress and begin setting up an underground network of anime. We would distribute it between us, and have it travel from country to country. I would get some known smugglers, and our posts on the blogs would contain cryptic and hidden messages of where next to find the new shipment of anime. In other words: we would henceforth known as the WordPress anime resistance fighters. So….that’s what I would do πŸ˜‚

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  7. Well, first of all, we’d have to take into account the steps they’d have to take to uphold the ban. They’d have to take serious action against the internet, taking down every single website that shows anime, which would be a problem, because they can’t even get rid of the illegal ones that exist now. They’d have to storm peoples’ houses to confiscate DVD collections, and that’s not even taking into account whether or not they’d ban manga and paraphernalia as well.

    Even if the government didn’t have to deal with the legal shitstorm of confiscating exuberantly expensive collections, and only put forth a ban on all material entering the states from the enactment of the bill going forward, they’d still have the internet to deal with.

    And as our last resort… Well, let’s just say this is literally the only instance where I believe the “All animation is anime” people would be worth the air they breathe, because imagine the backlash we could muster up from them.

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  8. I’d probably move on to live action shows and Western animation then. There are still some big titles I’ve never seen that look fun like Ben 10 and Power Rangers that would be fun to check out. It wouldn’t be the same and I’d definitely miss the anime, but that is definitely my backup plan.

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  9. I’d literally be like umm can I just shift countries please? I mean okay a few series that the country thinks are not appropriate for your citizens to learn about is fine but, all together shut them down is something that’s unacceptable I think. I’d do the same as you I am already obsessing over Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese (almost all Asian) TV series and they never get boring but still I’d fight for anime to be back. Love your quote “Life without anime is nothin.”

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  10. It would be terrible for me because I can count on one hand the number of shows I watch that aren’t anime. And yeah it’s definitely true that in China there are anime bans. I was part of an international chat for a while and one person from China said their favorite anime was Tokyo Ghoul but not long after they watched it, it became banned. Which is awful but I can understand why. Living in America, it’s unlikely for it to become banned because of freedom or whatever but I would be quite upset. Obviously my blog would go under, but I have plenty of other hobbies such as writing stories, reading, and video games.

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  11. When I was in elementary school, there was talk of discontinuing or banning all trade with China. Now, I was a child with really no clue about such things because it never occurred to my parents to discuss with me. I don’t know what was really on the table at the time. What I did know, however, was that so many things that I really liked came from China. I remember being sad that the Ty toys would be banned, among other things. The idea got me thinking, what would happen if things were banned from other countries too? Like anime from Japan?
    I imagined that I would be sad and angry at how unfair it was. Then I dreamed up a thousand ways to keep anime in my life if that ever came to pass. I imagined protests, letters to the government, pirated anime, the black market, and even creating my own!

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  12. I wouldn’t mind if some animes would be banned, especially those animes that do fanservice on 8 year old kids. There are a lot of that….. and one where the male protagonist gets his power by sucking a woman’s tits.

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      1. Of course not…. especially animes like Moribito and Garden of Words.

        However,I don’t like animes with blood siblings having a go at it. I don’t mind if it’s part of a story , something psychological , but in animes, blood siblings lusting for each other , have become clichΓ©s.

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