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I have been M.I.A for the past week and a half. Work has been crazy and it’s our busy time. But now I have time again to do my blog yayy.
I was able to catch up with a lot of the anime for the summer 2017 season. A lot of good ones I’m watching.

While watching the new shows I’ve been skipping over the openings. 😐 I know many people will not skip at all but me I’m Β not going to lie, I am a skipper. Hahha I guess I’m just anxious to watch the show and get to the story.

It’s not only this season but a lot of shows. If it’s my first time watching the show I will watch the OP only because I like to see what song choice they chose and if it goes with the theme of the show. But after the first episode I will skip every time.

Ugh I feel kind of bad but I can’t help it. I will say though there are some shows I have watched in the past where I can not skip the opening at all such as Deadman Wonderland, Watamote, Elfen Lied, Attack on Titan Season 1, and even Tokyo Ghoul. I sat through the opening every time and did not skip at all. But if it isn’t those shows I am back to skipping.

Does anyone else do this or is everyone a dedicated OP listener?



This is one of my favorite Versus Tuesday. Only because Dragon Ball Z was my first anime. It was one of my fav shows filled with some funny and interesting Villians.

Well the three main villains from my childhood are Frieza, Cell and Majin Buu.


Well to break it down:

Frieza was probably one of the most epic first fights Goku had to me. I mean back then he did fight Vegeta and Nappa but when he fought Frieza he really had to give it his all. Frieza was so powerful he was def a huge challenge for Goku. I also liked Frieza because he knew how to put cocky Vegeta in his place. He also wrecked havoc for all the other DBZ fighters.

Cell was an unexpected villian. Even though most of them usually are but he was def really a cool one. I thought he was kind of funny and his different forms went from weird to kind of cool. I did like his coloring the most. He was def a strong character as well.

Now Majin Buu was probably the most entertaining and very underestimated Β character. When you first see him all you saw was a fat bubble gum looking alien. His voice alone made me crack up. Haha but when he fought he was def nothing to play with. Then his different forms went from cool buff guy to little short gremlin looking creature.

All in all my favorite villain was def Majin Buu because he was just not what I expected. He was too funny and I loved his different forms the most.

Who was your favorite DBZ Villian, Frieza, Cell or Majin Buu?


I swear this week went by so slow. Ughh but yayy its Friday!!! Today is a special Fan Art Friday. It’s one of my fellow Owls Member’s special project and this is probably one of the most unique Fan Art Fridays everrrrr.

Here we have Naja 26 with the most freaking awesome crochet Sailor Moon Scout dolls. Omg I wish I can do this. 

When Naja sent this to me and I opened the images my mouth dropped. I was in awe. It is soooooo amazing. Such a great job and soooo talented. I have to keep saying soooo because it’s sooooo awesome hahah.

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Let’s give it up for Naja πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Thanks so much for submitting Naja. I loved this. 
If you are an artist or know an artist please submit your artwork. Information is below.
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2. Must be anime, manga or vocaloid

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4. Subject line must say FAN ART

5. Please Include your name and age
Thanks for reading and your help. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€



Its Tuesday and the Weeknd is not over yet. UGHH but it is Versus Tuesday. yayyy

Today we have Kaneki vs Shinichi/Migi!!!

Well they both were humans in the beginning. Now one is a ghoul and the other is intertwined with a Parasyte. Their human abilities and powers def advanced with their new changes.

Kaneki is def powerful because he has part of Rize’s organ in him and she was a powerful ghoul. Once he became more of a ghoul he was perfect with his new found powers.

Shinichi became even more powerful when Migi had to save him when he was struck by another Parasyte that put a whole through his chest. Migi used some of his cells to heal Shinichi. So his new human abilities were way more advanced.

Now in a battle who would win. Β Really can’t tell you because Kaneki is really good when he fights and with his Kagune he is even more dangerous. Then Shinichi and Migi together are amazing. Migi can create like 8 arms with mini axes and can whoop ass. So Kaneki’s Kagune and Migi’s many arms would def go toe to toe. So honestly I can’t tell you but what I do know it would be one hell of a fight.

Who do do you think would win in a battle Kaneki or Shinichi/Migi??




Image: Anime News Network

Hey Anime fans!! Well one of my fav anime Food Wars just debuted their promo for season 3 called Food Wars! The Third Plate (Shokugeki No Soma: San no Sara). It premieres this fall.

I am def excited because I did like this anime. The food looked amazing and I swear I wanted to learn to cook because of it. I’m not a foodie person but this show makes me want to be one.

Check out the promo below!!πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€



I have thought about this question before just because my mind is sometimes crazy haha. It’s almost like who ever thought in the 1920’s in U.S history they would prohibit the use of alcohol. I mean really? In China they banned some anime like Death Note, Attack on Titan, Parasyte, Another and Highschool of the Dead. This was due to the graphic violence and scenes they have. Well what if one day the government in your country decided to ban Anime all together, what would you do?

Well I am not going to lie, I will have to go through the black market and buy my anime. The deep dark web or something. I will have to get into illegal activities.

I might start a speakeasy (an illicit establishment that sells alcoholic beverages) for anime. Maybe call it an Anime-Easy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. There will be a password to enter the establishment. Everyone who attends must be in cosplay or have a clothing item that is associated with anime. Hahaha this is actually sounding kind of fun.


If I didn’t do the illegal route then I would just have to obsess over tv series which I am already do but go extra hard with them like, Game of Thrones, Ray Donavan, Homeland, Power, The Americans, Ballers, Silicon Valley, and Gotham. Just to name of few. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


I would write into the government everyday if I could and tell them why they should overturn their decision. Maybe go picketing with Anime characters on my signs shouting “BRING BACK ANIME” . I would cause an uproar hahah. Maybe be like the scouts from Attack on Titan and charge into the government offices like they were Titans. Hahaha this also sounds fun but super dangerous,

But I think I really like the illegal route, it sounds like a lot more fun. Hahah

What would you do if anime was banned?



TGIF!!! I’m off today. Yayy so happy. Today is Fan Art Friday.

We have a fellow WordPress blogger Castilloi with this super cute and adorable artwork of Sakura from Sakura Cardcaptor. This is seriously cute omg. 😊

Please check out Castilloi WordPress site and support and also their Instagram.


Lets st give it up for Castilloi πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

thanks so much for submitting such adorable work Castilloi.

If you are an artist or know an artist please submit your art work. Information is below.

1. Pictures must be yours
2. Must be anime, manga or vocaloid
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Thank you and can’t wait to see all the fantastic art Work