I’m happy to be doing this Owl blog Tour for the month of June. It’s Gay Pride Month and I am closing it out with a bang. Hahah

June is known as “Pride Month” within the LGBT & Queer communities in honor of the Stonewall riots that occurred at the end of June in 1969. At Owls, we strongly support individuals who are part of the LGBT & Queer communities as well as individuals who are struggling with their sexual orientation or gender identity.

“Team” functions in two ways: 1) allows individuals to show their support to the LGBT & Queer communities and 2) allows LGBT & Queer communities to express their love to whoever they want.

So for the “Team” topic, we will be discussing our favorite LGBT & Queer characters in anime and other pop culture related media, the impact of the yaoi and yuri genre within LGBT & Queer communities, our personal stories involving gender/sexual orientation, and etc.

The reason I was super happy about this topic and month is because I myself am a Lesbian Female (bisexual only for Japanese, Korean and anime men) hahaha yeah weird.

I fully came out in college. When I mean fully in high school some friends of mine knew I was gay. My parents and sister knew I was gay and were fully supportive. But I just didn’t shout it out to the world. I think at that time I was still trying to understand it myself. But when I came to understand myself and my community I was in college and usually your college experience can change your life altogether.

I will say being a Lesbian I haven’t had any bad experiences but info get annoyed by guys saying “oh what guy did you wrong” to “you haven’t had the right guy yet”. Ugh all the stupid comments. Another I get from male and female is “oh I didn’t know you were gay, you don’t look gay”. Not all lesbians like to dress like a guy. I like to dress like a girl and the business I am in I have to dress fashion forward. No I don’t like flannel shirts or cargo pants. Hahah so much ignorance.

Back to the Owls June tour. This was a perfect topic for me because one anime that I’ve watched and kind of related to a life experience I had was Akuma no Riddle (Riddle Story of Devil). This anime is considered to be part of the Yuri Genre (female like female).



Myoujou Academy is a private girls’ boarding school. Class Black has 13 transferred students who are all assassins with one target… Haru Ichinose. If they are successful with assassinating Haru they are granted any wish they desire. All these assassins are all equipped with special skills they’ve learned in the academy. There is one particular assassin Tokaku Azuma who is top of her class. She begins to develop feelings for Haru and begins to protect her from the other assassins on her own.



Tokaku is no 1 in Class Black. She is a very skilled assassin but is also a cold and distance person. One of her special skills is fighting with knives. She comes from the Azuma family which are infamous assassins. Even though she is tough and seems distant she is very easily manipulated and cares what people think about her. During the series we learn she has never killed before. Even though she is put into deadly situations she can never kill. When Tokaku enters Class Black she becomes Haru’s protector even though she was also sent to kill her as well. She gains feelings for Haru and feels obligated to protect her.



Haru is no 13 in Class Black. She is the Target in Class Black that all of the other assassins are supposed to kill. She is opposite of Tokaku, very out going and cheerful. Her body is covered in many scars that she is embarrassed of. She possesses an ability from her clan called “Queen bee” which attracts, controls and can manipulate people. Similar to the insect. Due to this ability Class Black was created to see if Haru has the ability to control the class. Tokaku becomes her protector throughout this series. You see the love one has for the other.


Tokaku’s love and protection she had for Haru was everything. She fought as hard as she can for the safety of Haru against top female assassins. Tokaku had the opportunity to get any wish she wanted but decided to sacrifice that to save Haru. But I guess love conquers all.

The reason I was very fond of this anime was that in my senior year in highschool I had a secret relationship with a girl (no name for protection). She was not out at all because her family and many of her friends were not accepting of the gay community. Plus her family was very religious. So it was very hard for her to accept herself as well. But her and I had a great connection. We can talk for hours and just relate to each other on many levels. Plus she liked anime 😀. She once told me she wished she had friends and family like mine that were accepting and supportive. But she didn’t have that support system and I was her only support system.

One day she got the courage to tell her family and some of her friends that she was gay. And oh God it did not go well. Her friends pretty much abandoned her except 3. Then her family were saying the devil is in her and she is falling for his temptation. Let’s just say it was a shit show.

After her coming out she became my Haru and I her Tokaku. I became her protector, because on a few incidents in school 2 of her old friends told other students about her coming out. Some idiots would say some really rude and crude stuff to her and my crazy ass stepped in and cursed their asses out. Their has been a few occasions where I had gotten into physical fights to protect her. No one ever bothered me because I was too confident to let them get to me but because she was a timid person they knew they can taunt her and it would hurt. Since I was friends with so many people and everyone knew me as the fun and cool person in school many of them started to step in and help out with the situation. Things finally calmed down after they saw many of my friends started stepping in and doing something about it as well.

So back to Akuma no Riddle, I really watched this anime and thought OMG those idiotic Students in my school were the assassins, and her and I was Tokaku and Haru. The assassins were doing any and everything just to get to Haru just to kill her for their own gain. Like the students in my school who harassed her to feel better about themselves without realizing they were really the insecure ones. My love for her to protect her from those idiotic students was similar to Tokaku’s love for Haru.

This is why I really liked this anime so much because it just felt like my life written in a different storyline. I also like the crazy characters as well and seeing tough chicks helped out too.

But my friend and I split after high school because she went to college at Florida State and I stayed in New York but we still remained very close friends. She is living a much better life and she is in Miami now that we are older and the gay community down there is just as cool as NY.

So this is exactly why I am happy I joined the Owls because I always love to support people who feel different and not accepted whether gay or straight or a nerd or geek haha we all are unique in our own ways and we all should embrace and accept everyone for who they are.

Hope you enjoyed my life experience and the Owls’ tours for the month of June. Check out Crimson613 post that was just before mine.


If you will like to learn more about the Owls and would like to join, please check us out below. We are always recruiting new members to help spread the word of caring, diversity, liberty and self respect.



  1. Your post was so touching Steph, I feel like I got to know you better through this. Some of the comments you made that people have thrown at you I can understand as from having friends whom are lesbian have told me many times over. Akuma no riddle is a series I’ve wanted to check out but till now my interest has arisen tenfold because of you and your connection with this series XD. when I watch this eventually I’ll probably end up thinking about you as this anime means a lot to you. thankyou for this post XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awwww thanks so much for reading. Yeah Lesbians have it hard too when it comes to the stupid comments from guys. But we just have to keep striving.

      But you must watch this series. It’s so underrated. I love strong female characters.

      Again thanks for reading 😊😊

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  2. Thank you so much for writing this! I can’t say how much I related to the things you discussed about the perceptions of lesbians. I myself am a queer female, and I get some of the same comments. Sometimes I dress like a boy on my own time, but I dress feminine when I feel like it and when I am working. People get so shocked when they find out I like girls. The one comment I hate so much is “How do you know if you like girls if you have never been with a guy?” SJFKSJFKSJFSUHJ.

    I loved how you were able to relate to Akuma No Riddle. It is such a unique yuri anime. It’s great that you were able to support your friend and now both of you feel comfortable with yourselves. Kudos to telling off the haters. Thanks again for the amazing post!!

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      1. While many will say the manga version of Akuma no Riddle is truthfully better (Pretty much a Director’s Cut that had a lot more time to expand the anime’s plot) I still really like the AnR anime. It’s sad to hear what your Haru went through but also happy you as Tokaku were super cool and defended her.

        Best girls in the show for me were Team Sexy, Isuke and Haruki.

        Like with Rai and her Hinako Note review it’s really cool seeing people talk about an anime that spoke to them from the heart, especially when it’s shows I too enjoyed. Let’s do our best to continue spreading the greatness of both The Yuri Nation and The Yaoi Republic! Dunno if the others have anime community equivalents. Then again I’m the one who dubbed the yuri and yaoi communities as such. Anyway you get my point.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thanks so much for reading. I loved this anime, all the characters were unique in their own way. I just loved females being assassins and they all were bad ass. The YURI and yaoi community is a world of their own. Their followers are more passionate I feel lol but in a good way

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      3. Badass cute and sexy female assassins. What more could we ask for? Oh yes, neat little developing romances alongside the fighting.

        True that. Since we’re both part of the Yuri Nation let’s work hard to further improve that.

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  3. What a fantastic post, you weren’t kidding about closing it out with a bang 😀 I’m sorry to hear that things went like that for your friend. People are sometimes really stupid, but I think it is especially sad for parents to act that way, and pretty much abandon their child. I think it was absolutely awesome of you to defend your friend like you that. You have my respect. As for this anime, I added it to my to watch que on Crunchyroll. Don’t when I will get around to it, but I’m sure I will eventually 😊

    Liked by 2 people

  4. This anime doesn’t get enough credit! I really really enjoyed this show. I tell people to watch it all the time still. I love Banba and Nio! ❤

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