This season had some interesting anime. The return of some popular anime. Premiere of a classic anime but a new generation. I had to say I was happy this season. Here are my final thoughts.


Anime: Attack on Titan (Shingeki No Kyojin) season 2 Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Superpower, Shounen


After finding out that among Humanity there were humans that can change into Titans like Eren Jaeger and Annie leonhardt, Levi’s team must get to Eren’s old house that was crushed in the first destruction and find his basement to find out a secret to why there are titans. Another group of scouts are looking for a whole in a wall to close because there are Titans freely running around the walls that were supposed to protect mankind. There are many secrets that must be answered, why are there Titans in the wall? What does the church have to do with the Titans?


Guys all I can say is ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘. The second season did not disappoint me and I was back to my obsessed self. What I did like about season 2 was that a lot of the supporting characters’ stories came to light. We got to learn more about Ymir, Christa now known as Historia, Reiner and Bertholdt. The action was even better. The Titans were more ruthless. The ultimate fight between Eren’s Titan form and the armored Titan was EPIC!! We also met a new Titan form which was an Ape. He spoke and was very intelligent. One of my favorite things about season 2 were all the secrets that were slowly being revealed. If you didn’t read the manga you were def shocked. The finale was sooo amazing and the final scene made me which there were another 13 episodes left. Ugh so all I can say is I can go to sleep and super happy now.

Anime: Beserk – Season 2 Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Demons, Fantasy, Military, Supernatural, Seinen, Horror, Romance


Guts is known as the black swordsman who is on a quest for revenge. Throughout his quest we see many crazy outlaws, evil spirits and the devout child of God. Guts encounters many of them fighting his way to get to the end of his quest to accomplish his revenge.


I was so happy they brought back Berserk. The creatures were more creepier and scary. The fights became more gory and bloodier. Guts is now one of my new husbands and I am in love with him. They introduced some new characters that I was very happy with. The storyline became even more interesting. This is def a must watch if you are into badass anime.

Anime: Boruto: The Next Generation Genre: Action, Martial Arts, Superpower, Comedy, Shounen


Boruto the son of Naruto Uzumaki who is now the 7th Hokage is upset with his father choosing work over his family duties. Due to Naruto’s neglect Boruto becomes rebellious and has animosity towards his father. He decides he will follow his own path and achieving the life that he wants.


The first thing I made sure not to do with Boruto was compare him to his Dad Naruto. I made sure I watched this anime as if it was something different. I will have to say I really did enjoy Boruto. I like his character a lot, he is rebellious, a troublemaker and yet a team player. He is always thinking about others. I also grew to love Mitsuki and Shikadai. The three of the together was something I wish I had in real life haha. It was also good to see some of your favorite Naruto characters older and being adults especially since you grew up with them. The storyline can be a bit better but I am wondering who is this mystery character that is stealing Chakra. Then also, what does Mitsuki know about this muster person.

Anime: Kado: The Right Answer (Seikaisuru Kado) Genre: Sci-fi, Fantasy


One of the top negotiators of Japan Kลjirล Shindล takes a business trip with his colleague Shun Hanamori by plane. While on the runway they witness a cube forming in the sky. It becomes bigger and bigger then swallows up the 251 passenger plane they are on at Haneda airport. While in the cube they come to meet a being who looks human but has unearthly powers. He goes by the name Yaha-Kui ZaShunina and the cube they are in is called KADO. Yaha-Kui is here to intervene in Japan’s internal affairs and Shindล becomes the prime negotiator between Japan and Yaha-Kui.


This show definitely took me by surprise. At first I wasn’t sure about it. It had an interesting storyline, but as the show continued the story kept getting better and better. It made you want to continue watching to know what happens next. The fact that another being ZaShunina coming to Earth and interacting with humanity was alone interesting. Then ZaShunina introducing humanity to many of his godlike products that we can explore and better our function on earth was great. I still like the fact that they included the world powers trying to be involved with this interaction because in real life the same thing would happen with us. The only thing as I said before is you don’t really get to connect with any of the characters. I do like Shindล but he isn’t a character that I am crazy about. I feel this anime is really good because of the concept and storyline.

Anime: Kenka Bancho Otome (girl bats boys) Genre: Action, Shoujo, School, Romance

KENKA BANCHO OTOME (Girl beats boys)

Hinako Nakayama was raised in an orphanage and never knew who her family was. One day on her way to school she bumps into a boy that looks just like her named Hikaru who claims to be her twin brother. They are from the powerful Onigashima Yakuza family. He is injured and tells Hinako due to his injury he is unable to attend his first day of classes. So she has to take his place.

Shishiku Academy is an all-boys school which is ran by the toughest delinquents. They must fight everyday to get to the top spot. now Hinako must fight her way to the top acting like her brother Hikaru.


This show was probably my favorite after Attack On Titan. It was funny, action packed and just an all out brawl. I guess coming from a female point of view made me super happy that Hinako was whooping guys ass while she was acting like Hikaru. The other characters that became more supportive was also very cool and funny. The real Hikaru was hilariousssss. He made me laugh everytime he appeared on the screen. I’m still wondering why he wanted to dress like a girl so badly. Overall I really wish the episodes were more than 7 minutes. I wanted more. And I still want more. A def must watch.



Anime: The Laughing Salesman Genre: Black Comedy, Psychological, Thriller, Drama


There are many people in the world that want to achieve a goal but they can’t and have difficulties achieving them. Moguro who is a salesman helps these individuals with providing them with what they want to achieve. He Once he wishes these individuals with their desire he gives them devise to not abuse this opportunity.


The Laughing salesman was enjoyable. I did like to see who was going to become Moguro’s next victim. I say victim because he knew all his clients were going to fall into temptation. Each story had something different to bring. I guess also in real life we all desire something and would love for someone to give us the opportunity to live out our desires. But I also do believe we would fall into temptation and take advantage. It’s human nature I believe. What I will say about this series is I kind of wish someone didn’t fall into temptation and didn’t mess up. The plot was kind of repetitive but it is still an enjoyable series.



Anime: Clockwork Planet Genre: Action, Clockpunk, Fanatsy, Comedy


In the future (not specified) Earth dies. A genius engineer known as Y recreates earth by using gears and clocks. Due to this, earth is renamed Clockwork Planet. 1000 years later a high school boy Naoto Miura an machine otaku finds a crate that crashed into his apartment and finds a coffin inside of it. In the coffin lies a human looking girl but isn’t because she is a machine made up with gears that need to be fixed. Naoto has supersonic hearing more advance than normal humans so he wears headphones everyday. With his special hearing he was able to hear where the problem was in the girl robot’s gears. He fixes her and she comes to and considers Naoto her master and tells him her name is Ryuzu. They become close. Later they meet two people who were trying to find Ryuzu the youngest Meister named Dr. Marie Bell Breguet and her body guard Vainney Halter. Marie lets Ryuzu know she is the key to saving the planet.


I really wished this series could have offered more. But it was boring, and confusing. I could not keep up with the story at all. I also didn’t like that the robots had feelings. They are robots. But what can I expect from this anime. It was not enjoyable at all.

Anime: Armed Girlโ€™s Machiavellism Genre: Comedy, Action


The story follows a boy named Fudo Nomura who is a transfer student at an academy filled with girls who carries around weapons. These girls rule over the boys in the school. There is a group called the Five Ruling Swords that are in charge of the school. Fudo becomes a target of Rin Onigawara who is a member of the group. Fudo can only escape if he can defeat the Five Ruling Swords


I did like this anime but I kind of dropped it. I wasn’t excited to go watch it again. I guess it’s my fault because it wasn’t on Crunchyroll. I had to go to kiss anime to watch it and I forgot to do it. I will say the first 6 episodes I did get to watch I did enjoy it. Even though I am not a fan of Harem I was actually okay with this being part of that genre. I am not going to give it a bad review or a good review. I will follow up when I finish it.


So that is my opinion on the Spring 2017 anime. Tell me your opinions on your anime.



21 thoughts on “SPRING 2017 ANIME – FINAL THOUGHTS

  1. Woah I didn’t expect that Berserk would have a season 2, just so excited. love your opinion about Attack on Titans 2 I have completely the same thoughts, plus discovering more and more about the story is like after finishing a book you want to read more, I already have some ideas about what will happend next oops I can’t reveal a spoiler here. Kado is a great mentally logic and diverse anime story I’m almost done with it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Of the ones you picked up I only saw Titan 2 and I liked it more than the previous season because it focused on the side-characters. Loved Sasha and YumiKuri’s stories. Of course the Titan battles were once again awesome. Fav guys are Armin, Levi and Erwin. Fav ladies are Mikasa, Sasha, Ymir, Christa/Krista and Hange. (Male or female I like the character).


  3. I love Kado. I can’t wait to see how this series is going to end. So excited for tomorrow ๐Ÿ˜€ Attack on Titan was great as well, yes there were some flaws, like the slow reveal of certain questions. Overall though I thought it was a very good season, and like you I wished it would have gone on with another 13 episode. I am glad that next season will already be out next year ๐Ÿ˜Š

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