Yes, it is Tuesday and that means we are no where near the weekend. UGHH haha but it’s Versus Tuesday.

Today we have the Titans from Attack on Tian. The Armored Tutan a.k.a Reiner Braun and the Female Titan a.k.a Annie Leonhardt.

I know they are on the same team but I would like to see them battle.

They both have a lot of strength. But Armored Titan has a lot of Brute force where he charges into his enemies. Then the Female Titan has a more skilled combative technique.

if I had to choose I will go with Female Titan because she has combative skills. Armored Titan is just good at running into his opponents. But I think the Female Titan can dodge his move and then take him down.

Who do you think would win in a battle Female Titan or Armored Titan??? 


  1. Choosing the Female Titan. Eren managed to take down the Armored Titan with his hand-to-hand combat skills and Annie’s actually better than him so I’d say she could do it.

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  2. Well…..I am going with Female Titan as well. Simply because she is awesome, has great fighting technique…and hey it’s Annie. Even though she was an evil B…., she was a great character. Female Titan would wipe the floor with him 😀

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  3. I’d go with the Female Titan as well. Annie’s hand to hand skills are far better than Eren’s so she could easily duplicate his strategy to use the Armored Titan’s strength against him.

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