Now this is a fight I would love to see. My fav females in Attack on Titan. This fight will be in human form so Annie can not change into a Titan.

I was so upset when season 2 gave a snippet of a fight that was about to happen. But then they changed to another scene and left it unanswered.

Well if that fight were to happen who would win?? Well Annie had some combat skills with her hands. Plus her special move is everything. But mikasa is a killer with swords. She is almost as good as Levi.

So would would win ummmm I would have to go with Mikasa because we have seen her on the battlefield more than Annie.

Who do you think will win this battle Mikasa or Annie?


  1. Mikasa would win,ofc.Its straight to the point.Mikasa,with her strengh and intelligence level,would TOTALLY win.But,if she were fighting for Erens safety however,she would burn Annies corpse for Eren,IF NEEDED,ofc.


  2. LOL love this post. Both are such bad ass’s. I don’t know if you’ve read them but I can definitely recommend the Lost Girls manga series, at least for the Annie arch, just a good read, outside of the AoT season 1 story. We reviewed it a couple books ago so if you do have any thoughts, we;d love to hear from you – https://mangaforum.art.blog/2017/05/28/attack-on-titan-lost-girls-read-by-a-couple-of-lost-girls/ Hope to hear from you!

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  3. I can’t even begin to predict a winner between these two. Mikasa is strong but Annie’s specialty is using her opponent’s strength against them. Who even would win.

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      1. Ok ok! I will! Lol!
        That’s why I have you to guide me into the right direction..

        Plus I’m pissed right now because I found this Anima that I really really like on netfix and it only has 13 episodes! Wtf!😤

        It’s called “the devil is a part-timer!”

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  4. I can only think of one outcome here: Mikasa would win. As much as Annie can be as tough as nails too, Mikasa is just too much of a badass to let her get defeated by Annie. I hope that we get to see that fight someday. I think it would be awesome to see 😊

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  5. Honestly, I think that it would depend on the circumstances. In a general fight without much purpose, I think that Annie would possibly take it. If Mikasa was stepping in to defend Eren though, I feel that she would fight harder and get the win. In many ways, Eren is both Mikasa’s biggest driving force and her biggest weakness like that.

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  6. I feel like Mikasa would beat her ass. Mikasa is crazy good with sword and she more than likely has a physical advantage since she has a good amount of muscle so she’d do some real damage.

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