I know many anime fans can sit down and watch a whole series in one day. Or even crazier watch many series for a straight period of time. I know I am very guilty of this. 

Well to start off, I decided not to go out this Memorial Day weekend with my friends because I wanted to watch and also catch up on anime. My reason is, I’m always going out with my friends plus I work as well. I need some me time which is with my anime. So of course they were a bit upset. 😒

Now there has been times where I stayed home for a whole week on my vacation watching Kuroko’s no Basuke (Kuroko’s Basketball) all three seasons because I was hooked. I could not turn away and I didn’t want to stop watching.

There is another time when I was in between jobs that all I did was watch anime. Sometimes I do forget to hang with my friends or family. 😳😳 But anime is an addiction. 

The shows are just sooo good. It’s the storylines, the characters and especially the cliffhangers. The cliffhangers are the main reason why I watch anime. I need to know what happens next. Forget life outside until I know what is going to happen in this show. Ugh so hard. Plus if I didn’t binge watch anime how am I going to keep my blog going. Duh 🙄 

At least I still have a healthy lifestyle where I still have my friends and I still have a job. Hahah 

I think it depends on how bad you binge watch anime. 

What do you think, is it wrong to binge watch anime? 


  1. I tend to watch two to three episodes per sitting, do something else and then return to watch some more. If I marathon an entire show I find I enjoy it less because I begin to feel TV fatigue. All that said I try to wait until a series is finished before I start watching. One episode per week is too painful.

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  2. It’s just a matter of priorities. I learned how to balance it with the rest of my life. It’s difficult, though, since I’m a marathoner—meaning, I prefer to watch a whole series in one go.

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  3. It’s all about how often you do it really. As for myself, I have been trying to cut back on binge watching things in general. You gotta remember even water is dangerous if you have too much at once.

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  4. Just today I was talking to a friend who readily agreed that she was addicted to anime.

    She’s not the only one… And it’s hard to imagine why cartoons draw so much attention. As to binge watching, I can binge watch YouTube videos, so it’s totally acceptable to binge watch anything (so far you have unlimited data) 😄

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  5. I think binging is definitely cool. I binge play video games a lot of times for 5-7 hours at a time so I definitely know the feeling. So long as you don’t get hooked to the point where you’re ditching work or something, it’s all good. It just shows that you enjoy your hobby.


  6. I personally think it’s wrong. People in my family will binge watch shows and it hurts because it feels like they are neglecting me and the other members of our family. I think that if you want to be genuinely honest and put other people first, don’t binge watch anime.

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  7. I enjoy binging anime. It helps me to really get into the series and stay engrossed in the story. I’m also impatient when I get excited haha. But I have anxiety and panic disorders and sometime soon being able to turn to anime and just binge and check out for a while really helps to calm down and cope with those conditions, which I’m also like that with books. So… it’s definitely a personal preference and mine is that binging is good. 😊

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  8. I binge watch all the time- in fact I’ve done that 4 times in the last week lol. Anime lends itself very nicely to this as finishing a 12 episode series in a day or a 24 episode series in a weekend is not that unreasonable. It can be a social event as well as I binge watch anime with friends all the time. I say that it is perfectly fine to binge watch.

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  9. Marathons and binge watches have been around forever. When I was kid, holidays involved picking a series from the video store and binge watching shows like Lost in Space or all three Indiana Jones movies or whatever. Admittedly, if you can’t stop to do things you need to, like eat or work, then there might be an issue. But if you have a long weekend and a plan to binge a series, go for it.

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  10. Haha…not at all. I have been suffering from a very nasty cold this weekend (and it is still there annoyingly ), so I have been doing a lot of bingewatching as well. I usually don’t watch Animeseries until they are finished, just because I can bingewatch them ! (Attack on Titan and Kado both being exceptions at this time 😊). So no, I don’t think it’s wrong at all. I love doing it too, and I have never felt bad doing it either. So I would not worry on that department 😀

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  11. I think binge-watching is the way of the future when one considers the platform of streaming services with so many readily available shows at hand all waiting to be watched, begging for your time. I think in moderation binge-watching is not a problem but it can eventually become an addiction to a certain style of watching. There is this single-minded pursuit to finish a series and I caught myself watching Breaking Bad one day and found myself at season 3 wondering where my day went. I still haven’t gone back to it because I was frightened that I might not escape it again. Binge-watching smaller shows or marathoning movies isn’t bad when you consider the take a shorter amounts of time. Even marathons allow you to have multiple different ideas happen in front of you to keep your mind working. It’s the longer series that you have to watch out for, the one’s that will have you for days watching the same show with the same idea over and over again for hours that to me personally I couldn’t do again.

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    1. Omg breaking bad I binged watched that whole thing. I didn’t watch it but my sister said I have to watch it. So I started it and I did not stop. 3 weekends I binged watched that show. It was worth it. I had friends binge watch Game of thrones haha. Sometimes you can’t help it haha

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  12. I used to binge watch anime a lot more, before I started writing reviews. Now I feel better watching it in short bursts, so I can think about and process what went on in each episode. If I’m planning to review an anime, it can take me an entire week to watch/rewatch it first.

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