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I’m sure many of you have probably seen this competition before. But I would like to see what everyone here thinks about this battle.

They are kind of similar, they both are super powerful and also have a ditsy side. But one is an alien which is a Saiyan and the other is a human who trained really hard everyday.

But who would win in a fight?

Now as for what I think, I really don’t know who would win. I mean it does take Goku 3 episodes to gain all his strength. Then Saitama just has to get close and punch him and then he is done.

But Goku is very powerful will Saitama’s punch knock him out. Idk πŸ€”

So, who do you think would win in a battle?


  1. Honestly I think the whole matchup is pretty pointless mate, no offense. Saitama’s whole deal is he wins in one punch, so matchin him up with someone really isn’t worth it. 90% of the time he’d probably win and the other 10% he loses would just kill his whole concept.


  2. Saitama’s got this. He’d punch the top half of Goku’s body into the stratosphere, and then be mildly nauseated by the bloody remains of Goku’s lower half, all before finishing his interrupted trip to the half-off sale.

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