It’s versus Tuesday. Yayy it’s Pokemon vs Digimon.

So, I can not participate because I never really watched Digimon. I’ve only saw one episode and it was okay. Nothing special.

I just know both shows have little monsters and they  are cute haha. Plus they all battle.

So, tell me which show did you like best Pokemon or Digimon?




  1. Digimon is the best in my opinion. The only thing I don’t like about it is when they change the main characters in the next season, and the past main characters are grown up. I MEAN COME ON ASH IS 10 YEARS OLD WHEN POKEMON CAME OUT AND THAT WAS A LONG TIME AGO.

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  2. Hmm…I grew up with both, and still enjoy both, so it friends what you’re comparing. If it’s anime, and I’m comparing my favourite from both, Digimon Tamers pretty stands head and shoulders above all of Pokemon for me. Game wise, I preferred the Pokemon games. Overall … Digimon edges it I think, simply for diversity in characterisation for me.

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  3. Finally! A challenge!! If I had to choose, I would roll with Digimon. While Pokemon is definitely the more iconic of the two shows, Digimon had a level of maturity that Pokemon didn’t. There was an actual plot to the series, while Pokemon revolved around just adding stuff based on the newest game that was released,


  4. I grew up with both and both have a nostalgic part in my heart. To me if you consider the characters then Digimon wins because they all had an arc to overcome whereas Pokemon had the journey. The moments in Pokemon are more memorable, I mean I still remember the whole battle with Sabrina in the original series and Lavender Town. This is tougher than I thought. I think what it would come down to for me is which one am I still watching to this day, and that would be Digimon.

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  5. Digimon ends up taking the win for me. I prefer Pokemon to season 6 and 2, but season 5 of Digimon is one of my all time favorite shows and I really liked seasons 1 and 3. Digimon’s just a lot of fun and while I love Pokemon as well, the latter has gone a little downhill with the current Aloha region.

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  6. I grew up with both being born in ’99 and I gotta go with Digimon. The first season was weak but Adventure ’02, Data Squad, Tri, and the movies were so good and the characters and storyline was so much better as time went on.

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  7. Pokemon definitely wins because overall it’s the better show to me but I really loved Digimon early on. Those original main characters had a lot of good chemistry and were interesting. Was really saddened when they got swapped out. 😦

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  8. It has to be Pokemon. I loved Digimon as well (Biyomon was my fav) but there’s nothing like my first love in Charmander! I love that you can have more than 1 pokemon friend whereas with Digimon you were assigned 1. Also, Anyone could be a Pokemon trainer not just the Digi Destined. I loved the games, I loved the battles, I loved that you can do more than fight with them. The only thing I was jealous of is that Digimon could talk to you in your language. Great Post!

    -Luna πŸ˜€

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