This series follows a boy named Kei Nagai who is a high school student who strives to be an upstanding citizen in society. One day while walking he is struck and killed by a truck and dragged underneath. Kei’s body is mutilated but It begins to regenerate and he comes back to life. He finds out that he is an Ajin. Ajins are an inhuman being who is considered dangerous and immortal. Now Kei is on the run from the government with the help of his childhood friend Kaito.

The government catches Ajins and performs cruel and inhumane experiments on these beings. Though they have the public believe they are not.



Kei is a high school student who lives to becomes an upstanding citizen. He will do anything and everything to become that. He is cold and emotionally detached from people. One day while walking he is struck and killed by a truck and dragged underneath. Kei’s body is mutilated but It begins to regenerate and he comes back to life. He finds out that he is an Ajin. He goes on the run from the government with the help of his childhood friend Kaito.

After knowing he is an Ajin he discovers he can create an abnormal amount of IBM (Invisible Black Matter) which looks like a form of human made out of this black meter that is not seen by the human eye. His IBM is difficult and doesn’t listen to him. He works on trying to control his IBM for battle.



Kaito is Kei’s childhood friend. They were really close until one day Kei’s mother prohibited him from being near Kaito because he is a son of a criminal. They grew apart and Kei kept his distance because that is what he felt he had to do to become an upstanding citizen.
Years later when Kei is discovered to be an Ajin he calls Kaito for help. Kaito helps Kei escape from the government and go on the run together.



Satō A.K.A Hat due to his hat he always wears is and Ajin. He comes off as cool, laid back and trustworthy kind of guy, but he is actually a ruthless and dangerous ex-military solider. He is the leader of the Ajin movement which fights against the cruel treatment Ajins receive when they are captured by the government. Later we find out that his movement is actually for him to take over Japan.



Tanaka is the second Ajin discovered in Japan. Satō rescued him from government captivity. Tanaka joins Satō in his movement.



Nakano is an Ajin as well. Unlike Kei, he has more feelings and is more than willing to become friends with others. Nakano goes to Satō’s movement meeting but realizes he was against Satō’s plans. He runs away after Satō and the others who try to kill him. He finds Kei in the new village he is hiding in and tries to become friends with him. But Kei is not for it. Later in the series they become partners to try and stop Satō.




Tosaki is the head of the Ajin Research which is under the Ministry of health, Labour and Welfare. He is stone cold and determined to catch all Ajin at any means necessary. He is protected by an Ajin named Izumi Shimomura.



I will start by saying I never read the manga so I am basing this off the anime. I binged watched the first season and about to get into the second season. Haha

This anime caught me by surprise. I didn’t know what to expect. When Kei was hit by the truck and his body started regenerating I sat up in my chair like whaaaaaat. It was crazy. It became really adventurous when Kei went on the run with Kaito. I was rooting for them to get away. I was also happy they were friends again. While on the run I was mad at how many people were trying to catch them. I was like noooo leave him alone. Haha

Towards the second part of the anime the adventurous side kind of winded down. It was still interesting learning more about the Ajin and what they are capable of. But the action fighting wasn’t there in the middle part of the series.

Then towards the end it was back to action and craziness when the movement made their move against the humans.

So the pace of this anime I will give it a 7/10 because the beginning and ending part were perfect. The middle section can kind of make you drift off somewhere else in your head.

The storyline is great because I do believe in real life the government will capture these beings and do inhumane experiments. I like that the Ajins look just likes humans and you won’t know who is one unless you kill someone and their body regenerates and they come back to life. Of course a boy like Kei who doesn’t know he is an Ajin goes on the run to not be captured is very realistic. I think everyone would run. Also, I do like that there is a character like Satō who would create a movement to stand up for Ajins. But also will become power hungry to become a ruler. It’s not very original but it’s still a good story. So on the story line I give an 8/10.

Many may not feel the same but I do like the animation style. The characters have a robotic feel to me. Almost 3D. My sister and niece did not like the animation.

Kei is a character you may not connect with because he is emotionally detached from people. There are some parts in this series where you see him helping others but then he can go back to being cold. His IBM (Invisible Black Matter) shows and says the same emotionless quotes he said in the past. There is a part you can feel for Kei is when he is being tortured by the government.

Kaito is childhood friend I hope he gets a bigger part in the second season. He seemed like a tough kid and very much down to do anything.

The character you may relate to or have more of a connection with is Satō because of his movement to stand up for Ajins. He is the antagonist and he is a good one. He fools everyone because you swear he is a good guy and then he turns around and is one of the worse. His battle scenes are epic. His sarcastic and yet funny sly comments are classic. His messages he sends to the world are interesting because at first he makes it seems he wants the world sympathy but in actuality he wants to take over the world.

So I will say this anime is worthy to watch. I did read their base audience are males but I’m a female and I enjoyed the show. I am ready to watch the second season now.

12 thoughts on “AJIN: DEMI HUMAN – SEASON 1 REVIEW

  1. If you like this Anime style, you should watch Cyborg 009. The art style is like Ajins and the storyline is amazing (but that’s my opinion).

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  2. I liked it a lot till the last couple of episodes. I think they must have catch up with the manga and didn’t know what to do with Saito so they completely changed the plot at the end and it became far fetched and a bit stupid.

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  3. This sounds like a very cool series. Netflix does do it’s best to bring out some quality anime. Though not every attempt is equally succesful, most of the series are enjoyable enough. Great review 😊

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  4. I enjoyed watching this. Both the first and second season have their flaws, but they are entertaining. I never did like the animation but by midway through the first season it stopped distracting me. Looking forward to your thoughts on season 2.

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