Well we are kind of half way through the Spring 2017 anime. This season I’m watching a good amount. I do have to say the ones I chose to watch I am enjoying. Only one I really am trying to hang on to.



Anime: Attack on Titan (Shingeki No Kyojin) season 2 Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Superpower, Shounen

After finding out that among Humanity there were humans that can change into Titans like Eren Jaeger and Annie leonhardt, Levi’s team must get to Eren’s old house that was crushed in the first destruction and find his basement to find out a secret to why there are titans. Another group of scouts are looking for a whole in a wall to close because there are Titans freely running around the walls that were supposed to protect mankind. There are many secrets that must be answered, why are there Titans in the wall? What does the church have to do with the Titans


You all should already know I was super excited about season 2 of Attack on Titans. It was the anime I’ve been waiting for for almost 2 years. UGHH but now it’s here and I am sooo happy. The action is what I want it to be, it’s pretty much close to the manga’ storyline. Sometimes the flashbacks can be a bit slow, but then they turn the episode around and bring back the action. the Titans are still creepy and they have a new abnormal one that can talk and has intelligence. Then a twist happened that everyone on social media were going crazy about. I won’t spoil it. It just feels good to be watching Attack on Titans again.

Anime: Beserk – Season 2 Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Demons, Fantasy, Military, Supernatural, Seinen, Horror, Romance

Guts is known as the black swordsman who is on a quest for revenge. Throughout his quest we see many crazy outlaws, evil spirits and the devout child of God. Guts encounters many of them fighting his way to get to the end of his quest to accomplish his revenge.


I have said this in the past when I watched Berserk 2016 season 1, I wasn’t going to watch it, But I gave it a chance and I was hooked. I like this show a lot. Season 2 hasn’t had as many gruesome fights like season 1. But I do like some of the new characters they are introducing. Guts is still rough and tough. Casca’s character is still very interesting. They are more about the story and a new adventure they are on. But I do miss the crazy fights. I am very happy It is back.

Anime: Boruto: The Next Generation Genre: Action, Martial Arts, Superpower, Comedy, Shounen

Boruto the son of Naruto Uzumaki who is now the 7th Hokage is upset with his father choosing work over his family duties. Due to Naruto’s neglect Boruto becomes rebellious and has animosity towards his father. He decides he will follow his own path and achieving the life that he wants.


Now when Naruto ended I was pretty upset, because I’ve been watching that anime for 15 years. It was really part of my life. But when I heard Naruto’s son Boruto was getting an anime I was super excited. I just knew it was going to have the same feel like Naruto. Well enough of Naruto, and back to Boruto. I am enjoying this series because I do like the mischievous and cockiness of Boruto. I do like his rebellious ways because his father isn’t there for him, like many kids go through in real life. The other characters are not that exciting yet. I haven’t connected to any other character yet. Right now I can really connect to Boruto, but we will see how it goes with the series.

Anime: The Laughing Salesman Genre: Black Comedy, Psychological, Thriller, Drama

There are many people in the world that want to achieve a goal but they can’t and have difficulties achieving them. Moguro who is a salesman helps these individuals with providing them with what they want to achieve. He Once he wishes these individuals with their desire he gives them devise to not abuse this opportunity.


After reading Karandi’s reviews on this series episodes I’ve decided to give it a try. I guess don’t judge a book by its cover is real. Because when I saw the Salesman I was like umm this looks stupid. But silly me it was actually pretty awesome. It reminds me of Hell Girl just a bit where someone offers you something but there are some consequences. This series though they are given whatever their heart desires but they are not allowed to abuse what they are given. But once you give something they really want and it makes them really happy how can they not abuse it. I really enjoy this anime because I am always for psychological anime. Plus Moguro the salesman is pretty funny and cool.




Anime: Kado: The Right Answer (Seikaisuru Kado) Genre: Sci-fi, Fantasy

One of the top negotiators of Japan Kōjirō Shindō takes a business trip with his colleague Shun Hanamori by plane. While on the runway they witness a cube forming in the sky. It becomes bigger and bigger then swallows up the 251 passenger plane they are on at Haneda airport. While in the cube they come to meet a being who looks human but has unearthly powers. He goes by the name Yaha-Kui ZaShunina and the cube they are in is called KADO. Yaha-Kui is here to intervene in Japan’s internal affairs and Shindō becomes the prime negotiator between Japan and Yaha-Kui.


This series seems very interesting when I started to watch it. A huge giant cube called KADO comes out of no where and absorbs a plane. Then Shindō a top negotiator helps between Japan and Yaha-Kui who is another being with communication. It seems like an interesting storyline. The problem for me is its kind of slow pace. I’m ready to be at the next level of communication with this being. But I do like that the series shows other countries wanting to know more about this being and the Wam he wants to provide to humanity. Wam is an eternal light source. Also, appreciate them showing the United Nations trying to get involved which would happen in real life. There are maybe two likable characters Shun Hanamori and Kanata Shinawa because they are both funny. I hope they get more screen time because every other character is wayyy to serious. But I’m looking forward to what else this series has.

Anime: Kenka Bancho Otome (girl bats boys) Genre: Action, Shoujo, School, Romance
KENKA BANCHO OTOME (Girl beats boys)

Hinako Nakayama was raised in an orphanage and never knew who her family was. One day on her way to school she bumps into a boy that looks just like her named Hikaru who claims to be her twin brother. They are from the powerful Onigashima Yakuza family. He is injured and tells Hinako due to his injury he is unable to attend his first day of classes. So she has to take his place.

Shishiku Academy is an all-boys school which is ran by the toughest delinquents. They must fight everyday to get to the top spot. now Hinako must fight her way to the top acting like her brother Hikaru.


I think this probably should have been in my favorites because I do like this series. I like Hinako acting like a boy in an all boy school which you must fight to get the top spot. She whoops their ass and they don’t even know she is a girl. I like her fighting style quick and forceful. But still look cute doing it. Of course the story is not the best to make a person trade places with someone but I like the twist in the Story, A girl beating all the boys. I also like how hikaru likes to dress up as a girl and he is super adorbs. So I enjoy this series and I find it funny and very entertaining I wish the episodes were longer. It’s not in my favs because I am nervous it will maybe take a weird turn towards the end of the series because of her probably liking one of the guys.

Anime: Armed Girl’s Machiavellism Genre: Comedy, Action

The story follows a boy named Fudo Nomura who is a transfer student at an academy filled with girls who carries around weapons. These girls rule over the boys in the school. There is a group called the Five Ruling Swords that are in charge of the school. Fudo becomes a target of Rin Onigawara who is a member of the group. Fudo can only escape if he can defeat the Five Ruling Swords


I am not sure if I like this anime a lot or just enough. I do know I do not not like it. If that makes since 🤔 I’ve mentioned I have read the manga so I kind of knew what I was in for. I am happy with the execution of the series. I like the fight scenes with Fudo because he is pretty cool and I like that the Five Ruling Swords can’t stop him. Rin who is part of the Five Ruling Swords is my fav female for now and the empress as well. Even though this anime has a touch of harem and ecchi, it’s not annoying like other anime. I really dislike harem, but ecchi I don’t mind if it makes since. But this one it blends in the series and it’s not distracting for me. I do like this series. I have to see the rest to really verify if I want to add to my favs or least favs.




Anime: Clockwork Planet Genre: Action, Clockpunk, Fanatsy, Comedy

In the future (not specified) Earth dies. A genius engineer known as Y recreates earth by using gears and clocks. Due to this, earth is renamed Clockwork Planet. 1000 years later a high school boy Naoto Miura an machine otaku finds a crate that crashed into his apartment and finds a coffin inside of it. In the coffin lies a human looking girl but isn’t because she is a machine made up with gears that need to be fixed. Naoto has supersonic hearing more advance than normal humans so he wears headphones everyday. With his special hearing he was able to hear where the problem was in the girl robot’s gears. He fixes her and she comes to and considers Naoto her master and tells him her name is Ryuzu. They become close. Later they meet two people who were trying to find Ryuzu the youngest Meister named Dr. Marie Bell Breguet and her body guard Vainney Halter. Marie lets Ryuzu know she is the key to saving the planet.


This may sound weird but I do like watches or clocks. I love their gears, So when I saw this anime I was excited. Now the problem is this anime kind of fell short for me. I like the animation and the drawing of all the gears in this series. But as to storyline and characters, it’s slacking a lot. Naoto is the only character I actually like because he is funny and has a skilled power to know what gears in a machine need to be fixed just by listening with his supersonic hearing. Other than that the other characters kind of fall flat to me. The story is kind of jumbled as well. Hopefully things may change later in the series.

So those are my thoughts on the halfway point of the spring 2017 anime. What are your thoughts so far?

8 thoughts on “SPRING 2017 ANIME – FAV AND LEAST FAV

  1. Haven’t been watching that much spring 2017 animes. One, because I’ve been busy studying and the other is that there wasn’t a lot that caught my eyes honestly. Like I tried watching some, but they haven’t caught my attention or interest.

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  2. I’m not watching any anime this Spring. Since I already read the Attack on Titan manga and didn’t like where the story went, I decided not to watch the anime anymore. Perhaps once it’s over, I’ll watch it.

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  3. I am currently watching two shows: Attack on Titan (duh…) and Kado. Attack on Titan is absolutely amazing this season. I love the fact that they have the focus on some of the lesser known characters, but also the storyline itself is very interesting. If I am being honest I like it even more than season 1 so far. As for Kado, I really enjoy watching it, but I do agree with you on the slow pace. On the other hand the storyline for it is so interesting, that I keep wanting to find out what happens next 😊

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    1. It’s funny I actually like season 1 of attack on Titan because all episodes were action pack and didn’t know what will happen. Season 2 has too many slow flashbacks that kind of seem pointless. Like I get it but eh, and Kado I have to also see what will happen next. Haha


  4. Looks like you’ve found a lot to enjoy this season. Hopefully they all end well for you. Glad you enjoyed The Laughing Salesman after giving it a go, again, I’m hoping it ends well. My real concern is that it might become a little repetitive by the end of the season, but so far I’m kind of enjoying it.

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