There are so many anime sites out there one can watch their favorite series on. But everyone has their favorite site.

I myself use use crunchyroll. Since Crunchyroll and Funiamtion have combined their series it is even better for me. I don’t have to bounce back and forth through each site.

Now of course Crunchyroll doesn’t have all the anime would like to watch so I also use kiss anime or animegg.org

I use use to watch some anime on Netflix but they don’t have as many options as the online sites.

I just need as many options as possible to make sure I can watch any and all of my anime.

Which sites do you watch anime on?


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  2. I used to use kissanime all the time but I began feeling guilty because I watch so much dubbed anime and it doesn’t credit the actors and directors etc. so I use Funimation now and sometimes Netflix. I’ll be using Crunchyroll shortly to catch up on the anime not available on Funi.

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  3. For me it is Crunchyroll and Netflix. I also have a great app from the ITunes store called Anime Library 2, which has a seriously cool and big library for absolutely free. Great stuff indeed ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  4. I mostly use CrunchyRoll. I pay monthly so I don’t have to deal with ads BS. So, I find them to be convenient for me. Amazon Prime occasionally, or Netflix depending on what they have. If it’s a current season and I want to watch something not provided here, I just Google the series and see what comes up.

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  5. I use Crunchyroll, but sometimes I can’t sit through the adds. I recently got Netflix, so I might use that a bit more (however, they should update better titles). If I’m desperate, I’ll use YouTube. I tried KissAnime, but it didn’t work so I didn’t use it again. I’m still looking for more ways to watch! ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. I remember way back when (before streaming anime was really a thing in Australia), when I first started Bleach it was in 9 minute increments through YouTube videos, where the person doing the subs and the translations would change mid-episode if you had to change videos. It was a really painful way to view something and yet I watched most of the first three seasons that way originally.

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  6. I usually watch anime from Crunchyroll in the free section or Viz. Crunchyroll is okay but I don’t like getting the same ads but they do have a lot of anime. Viz has some minimum ads but not variety unless you like watching Bleach, Naruto, Death Note or Sailor Moon.

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  7. I tried to use Crunchyroll few times and rewatched shouwa genroku rakugo shinjuu and 3-gatsu no lion just to show appreciation and support for company, as I can’t pay for subscription I watched it with ads but every ad made me feel guilty for not having subscription, It seemed like Crunchyroll was taunting me for not having money so I started to pirate again and only rewatched the show with ads which I thought was worthy of this inconvenience. I mostly use kiss and Gogoanime to download common anime, while I use nyaa to download really good anime. I do not support piracy but there is no way I could watch anime legally in India with the convenience of course.

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