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This is definitely a good one. These are both classic female characters in the anime world. To me they are both the one of the first bad ass and yet sexy females in anime.


She was a little trouble maker and yet you still like her. She can hang with the boys like she was one of the boys. She can bust some guns and whoop some ass.


She was a cyborg but I still liked her cold demeanor. Just straight to the point and getting things done. She can also whoop ass well.

I can write a whole novel on them both but I will not. But if I had to choose between the two, it’s really hard but I will go with  Faye because she was kind of an anti-hero. She wasn’t all the way good.

Who is your favorite old school girl Faye or Motoko?



  1. Nooooo, I haven’t seen either character before D: I know of Faye at the very least, but haven’t seen the show yet. They seem pretty evenly matched, but I guess I’ll go with Faye in a fight.

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  2. Definitely have to choose Motoko as well. While I really liked Faye, I’m a huge sucker for cyberpunk sci-fi, and I feel the Major was such a phenomenal character. I find her to be intellectually riveting haha.

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  3. Well…..I don’t even have to think about this one: Motoko all the way! (Sorry lol πŸ˜‚). For me the character of the Major will always be my alltime favorite anime character. I love her strength, but also her vulnerablility and constant struggle with her humanity. I always love it when a character has certain flaws, but still manages to come across as strong, and Motoko certainly fits that role. So yes: Motoko 😊 But I have to agree, Faye is very cool as well 😊😊

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