I’ve barely touched upon this on a previous post when Toonami aired One Punch Man in dub. It sounded and felt so wrong.

I definitely prefer subbed because I love to hear the Japanese language and I feel majority of the time the character’s voices go better with their character. Also, the over the top expressions with the voices makes it all the better for me.

The only shows I watch in dubbed because I started watching them as a kid on Toonami are Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece and  Full Metal Alchemist. I actually find those weird to hear them with Japanese voices. Which I don’t mind but I got so use to them I can’t change now. Hahah

People like my sister prefers dubbed all around, she refuses to watch an anime unless it is dubbed. She said she can’t focus on reading and watching anime at the same time, hahahah she is hilarious.

so which do you prefer subbed or dubbed?




  1. To me it really depend of the series, I watched for the 1st FMA (both version), Psycho-Pass and Black Butler dubbed plus Cowboy Bebop: Knockin’ on Heavens door so when I watch it subbed it fell weird, since I’m used to hear the english voice, but all the other anime I watched include the main story of Cowboy Bebop I watch it subbed. Not gonna lie, if I re-watch FMA and Black Butler, I’ll watch it subbed just for Greed and Sebastian.

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  2. Me and my sister are the same way! I only watch subbed (they’re usually better, and there’s some animes that don’t get dubbed) and she said she prefers dubbed (she can’t read and watch at the same time and she always laughs at the Japanese 😒)

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  3. I’ve already said this last week, but I always prefer the subbed version. But that is not only with anime but simply with everything I watch. I always prefer the original language. The original voice actors just give it more depth. So yeah…subs all the way 😊😊

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  4. Subs all the way!
    But, I think it’s the one I see first that sticks. Because Pokémon in subs is something I couldn’t get used to.
    And when I tried watching Yuri on Ice the third time dubbed, just to try it out, I felt so strange!!!

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  5. I prefer subbed or no subtitles at all. Mostly it’s because I like the show in the original voices and I’m okay with just listening to it in Japanese. When my Japanese was better, I was able to understand most episodes without needing subtitles. However, I agree it depends on the individual.

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  6. I prefer subs because I too like to hear them in Japanese (including FMA 😍). The only show I watch with dubs is Cowboy Bebop because that’s how I first encountered it. It sounds wrong otherwise. My only issue with this is the subs are based on the original language and at times are a bad approximating of the English voice acting. I wouldn’t notice with other shows as it’s in Japanese audio but my wife is deaf and the characters just aren’t the same. Some of the key jokes and phrases are just wrong. Until I get around to correctly subtitling CB we’re stuck with it:-/

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  7. I prefer subs – the voices sound better that way to me. Plus I grew up watching English movies subbed (it’s not my first language) so I’ve got a lot of practice watching and reading at the same time without damaging the experience.

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  8. Use to watch dubbed growing up, but going to anime club functions, cons and my adopted family’s, subbed anime got in my blood. Now if I watch bad dubbed anime, I kinda twitch and after, throw up in my mouth, so sub fer me! ^_^

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      1. Two years ago, the nephew had me order the dubbed version of Samurai Troopers/Ronin Warriors and had me watch with him. He fell asleep at the third episode, leaving me thinking, “Kill me now!!” If that wasn’t karma enough, he tried getting his girlfriend into anime, but after he passed out, I got to hear her snobby comments, “I can’t believe you both like this fucking shit!”

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  9. I’m definitely with your sister on this. Dubs are really the only way I like to watch anime and typically just make whatever show I’m watching 10x better. Granted, I’ll watch the Sub if it’s the only option, but it’s a last resort and I typically just wait for the dub like with DBZ, Naruto, etc.

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  10. I prefer to watch anime in original Japanese with or without subtitles, but that’s just because I’m comfortable with the language. I don’t hate dubs as I know that there’s a need for it for viewers like your sister. I have watched some dubbed anime before too and I don’t mind them. I listened to some Funimation-dubbed anime and they’re good. The others, not so much. I also watched some Filipino-dubbed anime as a kid, and they’re actually really good. But overall, I watch anime in original Japanese, especially since I’m a fan of the seiyuu and I like listening to them.
    For me, anime is anime regardless of whatever language you watch it. As long as you understand what’s going on, that’s what’s important. If one is more comfortable with dubs, I see no problem witht that. It’s unfair to criticize them for preferring dubbed anime just because it’s easier for them. They’re not inferior to anime fans who watch anime subbed. We’re all anime fans here. Good post.

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  11. If this was four years ago … I would tell “subs for life!” From the rooftops… But I would argue that, especially with companies like Funimation, dubs have gotten very high quality in the last couple of years. And given the fact that we are getting a dubs way fast than we ever did before (with Simuldubs) I would say dub is the way to go as it also allows me to multitask and digest shows with much heavier dialogue.

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