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I respect both pairs so much. The love they have for each other is so special. Now to decide who I like best hmmm this is kind of hard.


Well with these two, I like them both individually. Luffy is crazy and over the top it’s hilarious. But he is definitely an awesome captain because he cares for his crew. Then Ace is like the most coolest character you will ever watch. I love when he is fighting. Those two together is like a dynamic duo. Especillay since Ace was there to protect Luffy.


Now their story is vey deep. They lost their mother and tried to use Alchemly to bring her back. But instead created some creature. During this experiment that went wrong Alphonse lost his body and Ed embedded his soul with alchemy into a suit of Armour. Then Edward loses his right arm and left leg. The journey these two take together to get their orginal bodies back is so touching and yet adventurous. i do like them both individually but more so Ed then Alphonse. but I do love ther brotherly love.

I think as brothers I will have to go with The Elric Brothers. But as indivduals that would have went to Luffy and Ace.

Which brother her duo do you like better Luffy & Ace or the The Elric brothers?


      1. Haha(lol) but no seriously i had amnesia at the age of don’t know(because if i knew it wouldn’t be amnesia) so yeah i was born in 2006(not literally) so i guess I’m kinda childish don’t know

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  1. The Elric Brothers are awesome!! They work so well together as a duo and make Fullmetal Alchemist a wonderful anime to watch! (Haven’t finished it, but I will soon! XD)

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      1. That’s cool! I’ll probably finish the anime either this month or next month because I’ve been busy studying for school exams. XD Once I do finish the series, I’ll post my review of it on my blog. 😀

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  2. Haha I can’t really vote on this one because I would automatically say the Elric Brothers since I’m only familiar with that show!!! But I’m pretty biased to them so I might say that regardless lol.

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  3. Luffy and Ace! I think they’d definitely win in a fight and I also just like the two characters more. It’s a shame that we didn’t get to see Ace a whole lot though. We need a time travel story so we can actually see him and Luffy team up for a change

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