Now, this is an interesting one. I’ve put this battle up on social media and received many comments. It was pretty much split with everyone’s decision.

Whose logic did you agree with? Kira (light) or L? Was Kira wrong or right? Do you agree that L should have went after Kira? What you think?

In my opinion, Light was good until he went crazy and played God. I have no problem with vigilantes. But then we do need guys like L who have to keep order in society.

But then, what about the bad guys the official authority like L can’t get but  Kira can. Ugh I really can’t decide.


What at is your choice Kira or L?


  1. I agree with you! Kira was a bit of a hero at first. As horrible as it sounds, if off-ing a bad guy to save a bunch of kids, I’d be good with that. Too bad he did go off the rails, which started by killing those who were onto him. Just escalated from there.

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  2. I never actually finished this series, but for the most part, I found myself siding with L. Light made sense in the beginning, but once he began killing more people just because they did something he didn’t like, I began to hate him a bit. What was once justice became tyrannical, and the power overwhelmed him. L stayed to the same goal, which was really just to stop the mass-murder. They both made good arguments, but L’s cause just seemed more right to me.

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  3. L is definitely the most down-to-earth one of the two. As much as that’s true, I still sided with Light, as I have a habit of doing so with every main character. I think the writer did good by killing both of them, leaves the audience’s mind to wander. Maybe none of them were right in the end?

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  4. i go with L because i’m biased but also because light started to go crazy with the whole “cleansing” thing and even though he had good motives, murder is murder. i don’t believe in giving that kind of power (of life or death i guess you’d call it) to one person because who are they to decide who dies and who lives? though i will say i did love him as an antagonist…or at least up until L died, after that he became lame and too cocky LOL

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  5. Light, because 悪即斬. Granted he loses some favor when he started killing people who were “getting in his way.” It’s also his own fault for wanting to be known as some kind of god that everything devolved into the way it did. If he were truly noble he would’ve made all the deaths seem like accidents, so that there wouldn’t be a “signature” and therefore an investigation might not have started. For a genius, he certainly underestimated his ego.

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  6. Light’s logic makes more sense. L wants to beat Light but pretty much just to prove he can. L isn’t all that interested in actual justice when you look at his actions. Light at least has a motive beyond beating L and while his method has some issues, the basic goal is kind of admirable.

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    1. While I agree with your choice, I have to say that while Light may have had an admirable cause, at the end of the day he like L wanted glory. For L, the glory was beating Light; for Light it was being seen as a god, or savior of the world. So I find them on even grounds when it comes to motivations, especially because Light lets the power get to his VERY fast.

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      1. Agreed. What minor noble intention Light starts with tarnished far too quickly but at least there was an intention. L lacks that. He only takes cases that interest him. I like him as a character but would find him truly irritating to deal with in the real world.

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  7. I believe that Light started off with the right mind set, but after he began knowing it was real, he went off the deep end.Let’s not critisize him yet though, I would like to take a moment to think about what L would have done. I believe he would have just kept it in a drawer or something, and in that case, it wouldn’t help anyone. Light saved the girl who was about to get kidnapped, saved society from multiple villans who could have come out and murdered everyone. The fact is, he was helping, up untill L came out and said he would find Kira. That was just about the worst thing to do, because his already inflated ego was put to the test, and the longer he stayed without being caught, the more it built up. I admit, the person who was pretending to be L, was probably not a person he should have tried to kill that fast, but I think that he was more panacked at that time than he realized. That being said, niether of thier methods were right, because L also took to much time on the Kira case, letting other terrible people out of his sight as he focused in on one person.

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  8. Kira’s original motivation is admirable, but his methods of achieving his perfect world are too extreme and narcissistic. I still love him, though. And oh my gosh, L!!!!! I was so shocked when he died. I expected that it was some sort of fake death and that he’ll turn out to be alive later but alas, he’s really dead. 😢

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      1. Oh, how I wish that’s what happened. But until further notice, the story of Death Note is finished and it didn’t really suggest that L was alive. But if he was, I would be so happy.

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      2. I shall write a fan-fiction about that, in which L will be the main character, and you get to see his life in prestent day America, pretending to be Jonny Maze, a member of the Maze family, which consists of OC’s. I have been inspired, and now, I must write. Yay!

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  9. I’ve always favored Light over L and that’s true here as well. He was fine until he got power-crazed and lost his mind. Plus we can see from the DN-less Light that he really did mean well.

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  10. I agree with…Ryuk. Sometime life does get too boring. So go out and do something about it, drop a Death Note here or there. 😛
    In all seriousness I would probs agree more with L than Kira. 🙂

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  11. I think both characters are far too extreme in their views, it sets them up as good opposites but means that I can’t side with either because they take their ideals too far. I would lean towards Light if choosing between the two though.

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