Anime Dragon ball Manga Otaku Versus Tuesday



I have to do this fight for Versus Tuesday. I was watching Dragon Ball Z Kai on Toonami and these two were arguing. So I was like omg this is totally an awesome fight.

I really can’t decide because they are both are very angry women. Plus they both are quick to hit someone. I have to say maybe Chichi might have an advantage. She does have more power than most women.

Who yo do you think would win a fight between Chichi and Bulma?


  1. Battle of pure strength? Chichi. She has a huge genetic advantage giving her way more strength than the average person. Plus she is trained as a fighter. though she doesn’t actively practice. If you pissed her off enough, Bulma would kick up a good fight, but there’s no way she’d overcome the physical barrier without using some sort of tech she may have to bridge the gap.

    Battle of wits? Bulma. No contest.


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