Like my last post said, Naruto has officially ended. Which is very upsetting for me. I did a post of my favorite Naruto characters. Now I will like to do a post on my least favorite characters.



is it just me, but was he just annoying. I mean I tried to take to his character but he was just too much. Every time he was on the screen I would get upset. I hated how over the top he was. His eyebrows annoyed me. Even his fighting style was so crazy. The one thing I did like about him was he was dedicated to helping his friends and never giving up.



Bigger version of Rock Lee. I mean if Might Guy was my teacher I would just have to quit ninja school, he was too doofy for my taste. He was annoying as well. Also over the top. I just couldn’t get into his character. I will give him credit that he can fight really well.



She was just angry and annoying to me. I feel like her character didn’t contribute anything to this show. She barely could fight. She couldn’t even heal other ninjas properly. She was just useless.



I can go on for days about why I do not like Sakura. I’ll just do a little thing here. 1. She always was quick to punch Naruto but she couldn’t punch an enemy. 2. Sasuke and Naruto always had to help her. 3. She was annoying and was always crying that she needs to help the team but never managed to do so. Only one time she actually did anything and that was against my favorite villain Sasori. Again I’ll keep it simple. Damn Sakura πŸ˜’



His character was my favorite in the beginning of the series. But after he left team 7 it went downhill from there. He became an asshole and got too cocky. His goal to hurt my husband Iatchi made me angry. All he ever did was obsess over Itachi. Then when he became leader of his own pact he was just a prick then. When he found out Itachi was actually a good guy he still stayed on his stupid path. UGHH but I started to kind of like him when he was in the Boruto movie. I’m not going to lie he is cute though hahah



I know, I know, how can I not like Hinata. Don’t get me wrong I was happy her and Naruto finally got together and had kids. But her character when she was younger was so annoying. Always timid and afraid. I wanted to punch her and say man up. Hahah I just don’t like scaredy cats. She irked me a lot. Finally when she got older and started fighting I kind of started to like her. But not 100%. Hahah don’t kill me 😳

So those are my least favorite characters in Naruto? I really did like all the others. They were so cool.

I’m really am going to miss Naruto. I hope Boruto can fill his shoes well.


  1. Naruto definitely brings in a lot of options imo. I never cared much for a lot of the supporting characters. If I had to pick 6, then my least favorite ones would be

    1. Shino.
    2. Hinata
    3. Jiriaya
    4. Choji
    5. Konohamaru
    6. Karin

    Hopefully the Boruto show ends up being great and lasting 500+ episodes!

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  2. You dragged Hinata, Ino and Sakura. LoL but where is the lie though?

    Sakura: I’ve always a bit in different about. I never really consider her until I saw the fight in the forest during the chunin exams. I’m okay now you’ve shown a little heart. I can respect that but then when I found out why her and ino were beefing, I couldnt rock with that. You curved, your hitter for a dude that wants nothing to do with you. Sad

    Ino: My main issue with her was her attitude. Her mouth is ridiculous. I can’t condone someone talking to there friends the way she does. Choji and Shikamaru are particularly her brothers, respect is important. Then the whole situation with Sakura over Sasuke. Why she even allow that I don’t even know? I realized that it was never really about Sasuke it was retaliation for Sakura betrayal. She wanted to be difficult to smit her. I still don’t rocks with her.

    Hinata: Her meekness and lack of confidence I can see that people being turned off by that. But I understood her. Hinata a character I really like but by no means do I find her stalking of Naruto to be cute. People need to stop saying that.

    I really like Lee and Might Gai.

    Sasuke stop being cute after the war. He turned full fledge hobo. what do you mean sis?


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    1. Omg I need to copy and paste your answer for my answers too. Hahah sasuke did become a little hobo- ish. But maybe I just love his hair and eyes πŸ‘€ haha. I totally agree ino and Sakura fighting over a guy. Like get a life. And he didn’t even like either of them. Ughh

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      1. Yeah I agree. If she is with them, she is powerful. I felt if Sakura was a genius in chakra, why didn’t she do anything when helping Naruto and Sasuke from the classic Naruto.

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      2. I thought I was the only one thinking about that. It was mentioned in the anime that she was smart in the academy but the ones who did the fighting the most was Naruto, Sasuke and Kakashi.

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      3. There are a lot of people out there that think the same as us. When I’m on Instagram majority of the people on there dislike her. They had a meme that said team 7 at 100% power. They showed Naruto Sakura and sasuke . Then the pic under it said team 7 at 99% power and it showed only Naruto and Sasuke hahaha

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