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Now this is a good competition. I mean all 4 of them eat a lot. And I really mean a lot.

But who would win an eating contest, it could be Luffy or Goku. I can’t decide between those two. Hahah

who do you think will win this eating contest?


  1. I say Goku. I don’t know if it’s true but I hear a theory that says that saiyans has bottomless stomachs. Because and Vegeta eat very much. ( sorry if I write something wrong! english is not my language!

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  2. Natsu, I mean, he doesn’t really ever get full. Also, do I have to mention that I have seen this guy eat a FREAKING FIRE. I mean, when the guy threw fire at him in the first episode, you saw it right. You watched him eat it, right. I’m not going crazy, am I. Anyways, I ay be a little biased, but I don’t watch a lot of bigger animes. I kinda like the ones that died down, so I haven’t seen the others. I wonder though, how come Haru from Rave Master isn’t on this list. He can eat a lot too.

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  3. Yeah, I think Natsu and Naruto are out instantly. Naruto loves ramen, but he’s never been shown to eat dozens of bowls in an instant the way that Luffy tackles it. Likewise, I don’t remember Natsu eating all that much in comparison. I think it’d definitely be between Goku and Luffy, but I’d give the latter the edge. Having a body made of rubber definitely has a lot of advantages to it.

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  4. Can I throw in Hei from Darker Than Black?
    Though, seriuosly, male protagonists who eat too much has become such an incredible cliche and you have to wonder why they don’t all explode.

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