It is time for Versus Tuesday. Here are some bad ass females. Both part of my top 10 favorite villains. But who is more evil??

I really appreciate the both of them because they are such cool characters. Even though they are evil they are still perfect. At least in my eyes. 😈

Now, Lust was very manipulative, she plotted so much through Full Metal Alchemist. She did everything she can to please Father. She tried to kill the Elric Brothers and Roy Mustang. I remember her letting Gluttony eat people alive. 😳😳 she ordered Envy who was really crazy to do some pretty gruesome things. She was super crazy and sadistic.

Then you have Medusa, the snake witch. She acted like a caring Nurse in the DWMA nursing post. But we eventually find out she is a witch. Her main objective was to release the Kishin. She is also the mother of Crona who she kept locked away and had so many problems. Then last when she was defeated by Stein she took over the body of a little girl. I mean come on.

So pretty much I think Medusa is the worst of these two. She took over the body of a little girl. She had a kid Crona who had so many issues due to her. I mean come on how bad can that get. But I still love her hahahahaha

Who is more evil? Lust or Medusa?






  1. Medusa is definitely more evil. I hate Lust a lot, but she’s not as sly and intelligent as Medusa. Medusa knew what she wanted, and wasn’t scared to send her allies to do her dirty work. She seriously screwed Crona up, and was generally one of the worst mothers ever. Though Lust was manipulative and brutal, she didn’t take the risks Medusa dared to.

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  2. Lust was fuckery but Medusa was another demon all together. Anybody that can do what she repeated did to her child is unredeemable. At least lust was trying to get into the good graces of Father. Medusa was all about herself.


  3. Yeah, I’m going with Medusa here. She did a lot of psychological warfare and she’ll do anything if it helps reach an objective. Lust is a villain, but I never found her to be quite as insane and unforgiving.

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  4. Now, having not seen either of these shows, I am purely judging this from what you have written and the pictures, and I am going for Lust. Although seeing the comments above, the majority seems to disagree with me πŸ˜‚

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  5. Totally Medusa. Lust is bad but she’s either been built that way or is manipulated into it depending on the view you take. Medusa on the other hand makes all her own choices and wow, she’s got to get the vote for one of the worst anime mothers ever.

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